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The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuums have become the new thing. The simple use of a lithium-ion battery has enabled cleaning to be done on the go. The battery removes the issue of portability and plug sockets. Cordless vacuums are perfect for all houses and make cleaning super easy due to their lightweight and easy maneuverability. One of the biggest advantages is that cordless vacuums can be used anywhere (eg your car or your shed). The only downsides to cordless vacuums is the potential run time (if you have a big house for example) and the small chamber which will require frequent emptying. None the less, we've reviewed our favourites and the best on the market for you!

1) Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is the latest cordless version from Dyson, and continues to perform as the top-of-the-range model. This specific model benefits from a 60 minute run time, which is conveniently displayed on the beautiful LCD screen. This cordless comes with 4 attachments which will facilitate cleaning in any area. The clever vacuum even automatically adapts the suction to benefit different floor terrains. However, this specific model is the brand new variant and is the most expensive. If you would rather save some money (roughly half) and acquire an older model then we strongly recommend the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum.

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2) Bosch Unlimited Series 8 BCS122GB PRO

Bosch are leaders in cordless technology and they focus on their run time. The Unlimited series has enabled consumers to clean forever, yes you heard that right. The vacuum comes with two batteries, which take 60 minutes to charge and to drain. In theory, you could infinitely clean by continuously switching and charging the batteries. This item does, however, weigh a little more than others (2.9kg) and has a small capacity of just 0.4L. This product also comes with a wall docking station.

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3) Hoover H-FREE HF22MPT

Despite the rather confusing name, this product from Hoover (commonly misplaced as the verb, but its actually a company if you didn't know!). This product is a 3 in 1 which converts into handled versions as seen below. The product is very reasonably priced (under £150) and is worth every penny. The run time is just 25 minutes, which sounds bad compared to the Dyson, but that's still a long time. This can however be boosted to 4- minutes when in auto mode. This Hoover has a lovely pivot on the end which allows a 180 degree sideways and 80 degrees reclined. Although not automatic, the hoover does have a carpet mode which enhances the rotating brushes to improve pickup. Nicely, the box also includes a wall mounting tool which really is helpful for storage.

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4) Vytronix NIBC 22.2

The biggest issue with a lot of the branded cordless vacuums is that they are very expensive. Not any more. We've reviewed this product before and we think it is absolutely amazing. The Vytronix 3 in 1 vacuum provides a staggering 45 minute run time and weights just 2.3kg. Although, only one battery is provided a wall mount is provided. Despite this, the product is #1 seller on amazon and even has an eco mode to use less power. This product is genuinely amazing for the value, it acts just like a branded vacuum for the fraction of the price.

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5) Henry Numatic HVB160 Cordless

Henry have dominated households for decades and has become a UK household icon. All of their products are durable and versatile which profit from superb power and suction. One of the downsides of other models is the cable management, however, this is removed with the cordless model. The Henry cordless has a charge time of 3-4 hours which allows around 30 minutes of run time. Although this isn't the best compared to others, this is a 36volt vacuum (slightly more powerful) and has allergy capture benefits (due to the bag). Unfortunately, this model does require extra bags to be purchased.

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Our Verdict

When purchasing vacuums there will be many variables that influence your decision. Budget will probably be the biggest determinant, which is why we provided a variety. If you're on a budget, or trying to save money then the Vytronix vacuum is the best option. Likewise, if you don't have a budget and want the ultimate and best then the Dyson V11 absolute is the best for you. For more industrial or office usages, then the Henry cordless is your best option. Or, perhaps you want a bigger vacuum with more power, in which case click here to see our other vacuum reviews.  

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