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The Best Coffee Christmas Gifts

Coffee is an integral part of most peoples lives, whether it be a frequent morning wake-up, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or even a weekend treat from your local coffee house. Either way, it's the biggest commodity in the world, and also an amazing gift idea for Christmas.

Even more so, consumers are working from home more often due to Coronavirus, and so people aren't able to get their office fix. Instead, consumers need equipment at home! That's why we've decided to write a blog post covering the best coffee gifts, whether it be machines, pods, accessories, art or cups.

Coffee Pod Machines

1) De'Longhi Lattissima Touch

Nespresso has become such a big household brand, allowing users to have barista quality coffee from home (via their pods). This specific machine from De'longhi allows users to facilitate their Nespresso creations, and has an inbuilt milk steamer too. An amazing gift which not only produces the best home-coffee, it lasts years due to the amazing engineering and build quality.

Buy Now (Amazon): £154.99

2) Delonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Jovia Pod

If you prefer a slightly cheaper gift but dont want to sacrifice quality, then we suggest the Dolce Gusto Jovia Pod machine, also made by Delonghi. This machine has a futuristic design and sits beautifully in any kitchen, whether retro or modern. The machine uses dolce gusto pods, which are a lot cheaper than Nespresso. The quality isn't as good as Nespresso, but it's far better than instant coffee.

Buy Now (Amazon): £29.99

3) Nespresso Essenza mini coffee machine

If you are looking for a gift for someone that struggles to get out of bed in the morning or someone who loves an espresso on the go, than this is a fantastic gift. It is small enough to fit on a bedside table so you don't even have to get out of bed for your morning brew. Remarkably, it heats up in just 25 seconds. This machine doesn't come with a milk frother but if you do enjoy cappuccinos and lattes then you can purchase one separately. A great present for a small apartment or espresso lover.

Buy now (Amazon): £79.00

Bean Coffee Machines

1) De'Longhi Magnifica Bean to cup

A serious competitor for barista-style coffee. A perfect gift for those who are really into their coffee, this bean to cup makes the perfect espresso and has an integrated milk frother! The machine has amazing customisation available, such as how coarse the beans are or how hot your milk is. All whilst being quiet!

Buy Now (Amazon): £299.99

2) De'Longhi Dedica Machine

This compact machine would be the perfect gift for any individual missing their barista quality coffee as they now have to work from home. There is a 15 bar pressure espresso pump as well as an integrated milk frother on this machine making it a compact version of what you see in the high street cafes. All you need to purchase now is the ground coffee beans.

Buy Now (Amazon): £189.00

3) Sage Bean to Cup coffee machine

Coffee beans to espresso in just one minute. This Sage machine provides barista quality coffee every time and it also produces professional silky milk so that you can perfect your milk art. This machine unlike to others has an integrated bean grinder, making it one of the freshest bean to cup machines on the market.

Buy now (Amazon): £549.00


1) Nespresso Coffee Pods

Nespresso pods are by far the best pods on the market, and the biggest variety. Their pods, obviously, are built to a higher quality than others, however this comes with a cost. Nespresso pods can be very expensive and it will depend on your budget. If you want the best quality and want to stick to the 'Nespresso brand' then these are your best bet, and do taste the best.

Buy Now (Amazon): £30.98

2) Nescafé Cappuccino

These are one of the best pods available for the machines because they are built by Nescafé, for Nescafé. They offer a huge variety of drinks, from espresso, to flat whites, they honestly have every product - click here to have your mind blown.

Our favourite drink that they sell are the Cappuccino pods. They are thick and creamy with milk froth, whilst having that rich aromatic espresso flavour. Overall, each drink equates to 43p per drink! Not bad ey! This could be a perfect present to go alongside a Dolce Gusto machine.

Nescafe dolce gusto cappuccino pods

Buy Now (Amazon): £23.29

3) Starbucks Nespresso Pods

If you're looking for barista-quality coffee for Nespresso machines, then these pods are the way to go! This product, like Nespresso, allows a wide variety of flavours and has decaf options (which you can't taste a difference). Without a doubt, amazing value for money and plenty of different options and blends. Their pods also work really well with Nespresso machines are made from the best quality.

Buy Now: £25.16


1) Delonghi Espresso Cups

Another a classic design, this time from the coffee brand 'Delonghi'. The Italians really do know coffee inside and out, and this is reflected in the thermo glass. This beautifully designed glass has no handles, adding to the luxurious and classy look. The minimalism allows this glass to complement any kitchen and any machine too.

We particularly loved how they were really easy to pick up and drink, meaning you could shot your espresso, or just sip it. These are slightly smaller than others though.


- Material: Glass

- Capacity: 60ml

- Cups included: 2

- Price per cup: £6.50

- Dishwasher: Yes

- Warranty: 10 years

Delonghi espresso glass cups with no handles

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.99

2) Sweeze Porcelain Cappuccino Cups

Sweeze makes great porcelain cups, of all sizes and colours. We particularly love their cappuccino cups which come in neutral colours - making them ideal for all hosting environments or just casually drinking yourself. These cups are made from a pro-grade porcelain which means they are durable, lead-free, non-toxic and chip-resistant.

Overall, a great bargain for 7 assorted cups, ideal for any household. You can, of course, get them in white if you'd prefer.


- Material: Porcelain

- Size: 180ml

- Price per Cup: £5.50

- Dishwasher: Yes

Buy Now (Amazon): £32.99

3) Le Crueset 6x 100ml Stone Espresso Mugs

These really cute stone espresso mugs are perfect for coffee connoisseurs. At just 100ml, these stone mugs make the perfect cup to drink your freshly brewed espresso, or even just a small cup of tea. The set comes with 6 cups, and in a variety of colours too.


- Material: Stone

- Size: 100ml

- Price per Cup: £10.80

- Dishwasher: Yes

Buy Now (Amazon): £65.00


1) Artlive Insulated Coffee Cup

If you have a certain technique at home, or favourite product you use to curate your favourite coffee, why not use this double walled insulated coffee flask to carry it with you on the go! This mug keeps your drink warm for hours, literally hours! Similarly, you can add an iced latte and it'll keep that cold for hours.

We found this mug really easy to drink from and hold, with the outside keeping cool and not burning your hands (because of the vacuum). We loved the matte black colour and the overall design. The lid has a really good tight screw, unlike others, meaning you'll never spill or leak your drink on the go.

Artlive insulated coffee cup, double walled travel mug with vacuum insulation and stainless steel reusable cup

Buy Now: £10.99

2) Coffee Mug Warmer

Know someone who makes a coffee, walks away, forgets, returns and sips on a cold drink. Horrible right! Well, not anymore. Treat someone to this amazing coffee mug warmer which can keep your drink warm for hours.

This coffee mug warmer from Greatchi keeps your drink at your ideal temperature. This product is corded, so will need to be near a plug though. Nevertheless, a great product which solves many problems.

Buy Now (Amazon): £21.99


1) Coffee Definition Poster

For those art lovers, or real coffee enthusiasts, have you seen this cool definition art! A bit of a trend at the moment with this design, but this product is essentially a minimalist quirky print (no frame) of the word coffee and its definition.

A cool and quirky piece, which could fit any kitchen or office.

coffee definition art poster

Buy Now: £4.00

2) Coffee Canvas Painting

Need a gift for someone that adores coffee, but has all the gizmos already? We love this art work, it is unique and with the different panels aesthetically pleasing. We can imagine this artwork on the walls of the kitchen right above the coffee maker.

Buy Now (Amazon): £39.99

Our Verdict

We hope this blog post has helped you make a decision with your gifting. Whether you treat someone to a lovely bean to cup machine, or just some coffee pods, it's the thought that counts.

Have a great Christmas 🎄

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