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The Best Cleaning Products Every House Needs

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Every kitchen deserves the best, so here's a list of our favourite products that help clean your kitchen whilst keeping it smelling amazing.

1. The Pink Stuff

This is a fantastic brand, which is even Hinch approved and promoted on this morning. This triple product set uses natural cleaning ingredients to remove just about any stain, grease or grime. This set includes a cream cleaner, a cleaning paste and an all-purpose cleaner.

2. Lint-free Microfibre Cloths

An absolute essential for any kitchen (or any house for that matter!). These cloths are perfect for polishing, washing and dusting and a pack of ten is under £7.00. This is even Amazon's choice with over 3000 five star reviews. You can even get these products in 5 different colours (green, white, blue, pink, yellow)

3. Flash Kitchen Cleaner

We cannot believe the bargain of this product, 10 Flash products for under £10.

4. Method Glass Cleaner

Fed up of streaky windows or mirrors? Look no further, this non-toxic glass cleaner does the trick every time and leaves a lovely mint fragrance.

5. Finish Powerball Dishwasher Tablets

Another kitchen bargain! Without a doubt, this is the strongest dishwasher tablet we've ever experienced! This product can be bought in different variations, but the 90 pack makes each table just 12p!

6. OXO deep cleaning brushes

Perfect for cleaning grout, crevices, around drains, stoves and more. The product also has a 'wiper blade' on the other end to help clean in tight crevices.

7. Air Wick Mediterranean Room Apray

Now summer is approaching, nothing is better than a fine smelling kitchen. Pack of 6 for just £9.

8. Method Rhubarb Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner certainly is perfect for the kitchen. This all-purpose cleaner, and floor cleaner, replaces any cooking smells with a bright rhubarb smell.

9. Dishmatic Washing up Brush

If you dont have a dishwasher, or do a lot of washing up, then you need this product. It removes the ineffiicnt process of stopping to put washing up liquid onto your plates. Not only does this product save time, it also enables a deeper clean by having a type of brillo pad at the end. The best thing is, you can buy refill sponges so you don't need a whole new one each month.

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