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The Best Christmas Cookbook's 2020

Christmas is quickly approaching, and the preparation for some will have already begun. If you're anything like me, I really enjoy experimenting with new recipes over the Christmas period. Whether it be making your own Christmas cake, or altering how you do your roasted potatoes.

One of the best ways to experiment with food over this festive time is to read the Christmas cookbooks. These often provide the best tips and recipes, and are a great way to learn. Although it's easy to google recipes, there are millions of online making it seemingly impossible to sieve through them. Also, have you ever tried baking from an iPad? The screen gets so dirty, covered in flour and potentially even wet.

1) Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook

Coming in at number one is Jamie Oliver's 2016 Christmas cookbook. This book has a vast variety of meals (400+ pages) covering every possible craving over the Christmas holiday. As a world renowned chef you can have confidence in his recipes providing you not only the indulgent snack you a looking for but the correct amount of nutrients in each bite, meaning you'll be more than covered.

We really loved how this book showed the tips on how to best cook traditional dishes (such as your meats and potatoes) and how best to use leftovers - we all know our fridges are full after Christmas!

Buy Now (Amazon): £18.34

2) Mary Berry's Christmas Collection

Mary Berry is one of the famous when it comes down to baking the perfect Christmas cake and making sure there aren't and soggy bottoms on your plate. With many years experience she knows her food recipes and cooking inside out. She studied catering at college and has been involved with cooking all her life (both professionally and recreationally). For those reasons, you should trust that his book is amazing. This book has over 100 amazing recipes, shopping lists, advice on freezing, and sample menus.

This book is super clear and easy to follow, with a very structured style. This book is definitely a must-have purchase for some Christmas cooking.

Buy Now (Amazon): £17.00

3) Christmas with Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is known for their recipes, online reviews and home decor. They are a huge website and business which produce amazing content, and their Christmas cookery book is no exception. If you haven't heard of them before, we strongly suggest checking their website, you can spend hours on there!

This cookbook has over 140 decadent recipes, with amazing supplementary photography for all their dishes you will want to eat them in an instance. Thankfully, they reveal their tips on preparation, saving time and maximising your festive food so that you can satisfy that desire in no time. What's really excellent about this book is that it provides insight into vegan and vegetarian options, making it the perfect all round book.

Buy Now (Amazon): £14.68

4) Ketoveo Christmas Cookbook

Now for some, all that Christmas food and the potential calories that you are going to consume

can be worrying. Perhaps over lockdown you have completed all those Joe Wicks workouts to lose weight and then suddenly Christmas comes along to ruin that physique all over again. With this Christmas cookbook you don't have to worry about the pounds you may pile on because it has low calorie/low carb options that will keep your festive cheer up. If you are looking to keep your weight down without compromising on the true taste of Christmas then this book by Ketoveo have just the answer!

This book has tonnes of specifically designed low-carb keotgenic recipes. Whether you are looking to make low-carb cheese and crackers, or low carb chocolate deserts, you can be sure this christmas book has a recipe for that.

Buy Now (Amazon): £19.99

5) Let it Snow: 24 Recipes for Festive Sweet Treats

If you're like me and have a sweet tooth, then you'll love this recipe book! Let it Snow has 24 recipes which are all best festive treats, whether it be chocolate and peack snowballs or lemon stars. Christmas cakes will soon be underway soaking up all those delicious spices, if on the other hand brandy soaked pudding isn't a tradition in your house, this recipe book has an amazing guide to making some wonderful alternative festive treats, such as gingerbread.

With 24 recipes in this book, how about challenging yourself to making one recipe everyday in December in the run up to Christmas? This book will guide you to curating the best Christmas treats, alongside pictures and top tips.

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.55

6) Gluten-Free Christmas by Hannah Miles

For Coeliacs, Christmas can be a worrying time, not only with the food and drink itself but the cross contamination in the kitchen. Seeing all these beautiful dishes and treats, all covered in gluten. Resisting the urge to eat them is difficult, but fear not, this book will help you unlock the key to making gluten-free dishes, which taste just as good!

The book from Hannah Miles has been about for a couple years now, and still remains one of the best sellers on Amazon. We loved this book (and others Hannah has made) but to improve, perhaps more traditional dishes that were gluten-free could be included.

Buy Now (Amazon): £4.83

7) Vegan Christmas by Gaz Oakley

For those that are vegan, or preparing for Veganary, you might be panicking about Christmas, knowing its traditional to eat a Turkey. Fear not, we have found one of the best vegan cookbooks available, which is designed specifically for a vegan Christmas. All of the recipes inside are tried and tested as replacements for the meat alternatives, some of the recipes are so slightly tweaked that vegan and meat eater will enjoy. Oakley is bold with his flavours, the results of these recipes will really shock you, truly outstanding.

This book has over 70 recipes, and Oakley shows you how to re-create famous traditional dishes. Again, this book even offers advice on left-overs.

Buy Now (Amazon): £10.99

8) Have Yourself a Merry Little Cocktail

Bored of drinking mulled wine and beer? Fancy concocting a winter-warmer cocktail over the Christmas season? Then this Christmas-designed cocktail recipe book has everything you could possibly need, whether it be a gingerbread martini or a Christmas espresso martini.

This book was really simple to follow, with a clear method description for each (which is ever-important with cocktails, every shake counts!).

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

Our Verdict

It really depends on what you are looking for this Christmas, whether that is a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or traditional feast there is a recipe book out there for you. We have recommended the ones that we think are the best on the market 2020 and we look forward to seeing and hearing all about your festive bakes.

Have a good Christmas! 🎄

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