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The Best 5 Stand Mixers for Baking

Stand mixers have been around since the early 1900s, so why is it only know we are seeing them pop up in most peoples households? There are may different brands that have created the stand mixer since, each having their own benefits. We have found the top 5 on sale at the moment for you to choose from.

1) Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer

Kenwood is world renowned for created some of the best baking machinery of the decade, It is known to have top quality materials making its product durable and long lasting. This certain machine comes with three attachments; whisk, dough hook and K-beater, each can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Having the three different attachments makes this product fantastic for any household, it can easily help with created a variety of sweet or savoury goods. The thing we love most about this Kenwood is the size of the bowl, at 4.6Litres you will not ever have to batch whisk. At a powerful 1000W this machine is unstoppable.

Buy now (Amazon): £289.00

2) Aucma Stand Mixer

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper version, or perhaps something more colourful to go with your kitchen than this the machine for you. This Aucma mixer is even more powerful than the Kenwood at 1400W. Similar to the other mixers in the market this Aucma Stand Mixer comes with the dough hook, whisk and beater, with 6 power settings this machine is able to make any of your favourite recipes. The Aucma bowl is even bigger, at 7L, perfect for family baking. I personally think that this machine is a bargain, with all the high end qualities at a fraction of the price.

Buy now (Amazon): £119.99

3) Morphy Richards Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is unlike any other on the market, its compact deisgn is revolutionary, it would perfect in a house where space saving is of the essence. Having kitchen appliances visible on your surface top is also not that aesthetically pleasing for some, this stand mixer is so compact that it is able to fit into an average kitchen cupboard. Like any other machine, this one is compatible with the dough hook, whisks and beaters, it just has a different design on how they are inserted and utilised. Even though it is compact, Morphy Richards has not compromised the capacity, it has a large 4L mixing bowl. It is less powerful than the original stand mixers but it is quieter. We love that it has a time on this appliance, so you can track mixing time.

Buy now (Amazon): £159.99

4) KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid is super luxurious brand that has marked its name into the baking industry. It is known to be of high quality and beautiful aesthetic. You can guarantee when you buy this product that it will last for many years to come as it has top quality durable materials. The motor isn't too loud, and the mixing attachments perfectly mix your contents, making some of the fluffiest whipped cream we've ever made!

Buy now (Amazon): £449.00

5) Misterchef Stand Mixer

This machine is not from a known highstreet brand but that doesn't mean that it isn't as good as some of the others listed above. This machine comes with a 5.5L stainless steel bowl, dough hook, whisk and beater, all of which can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The Misterchef stand mixer is rather powerful, at 1400W. We think that this machine is great value for money.

Buy now (Amazon): £109.99

Our Verdict

Stand mixers make your life easier there is no doubt about that, you can put the whisk on walk away and come back. It allows you not to be slaved to the kitchen all the time. Especially into the months leading to Christmas when baking is essential.

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