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The Best 6 Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines on the Market 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Dolce Gusto are a fantastic coffee pod brand, which goes up against the likes of Nespresso and Tassimo. The company, owned by Nescafé, are renowned for being super affordable, but amazing quality. We think Dolce Gusto machines are often overlooked in the market, probably because of the powerful branding behind Nespresso (owned by Nestlé), so this post is to show consumers the range available!

1) De'Longhi Jovia

The first Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine we're showcasing is the De'Longhi Jovia Pod machine. This is an entry level machine, making it one of the cheapest on the market.

This machine has a 0.8L capacity, with a power output of 1500w, however this is a manually operated machine. So, if you want to make an espresso you'll have to keep a close eye on the machine to monitor the water output. This does have a 15 bar pump pressure though, making the quality pretty good!

This unique design offers a contemporary design cue to your kitchen, with white, red and black available to purchase. In terms of cleaning, this machine is really easy as it comes with a needle (for the nozzle), and a removable drip tray.

2) De'Longhi Infinissima

Another machine from De'Longhi (they're really good at making coffee machines) is the Infinissima. This product is roughly the same price as the previous, but offers a more unique and modern design.

This product has a larger water capacity (1.2L) but still has a 15 bar pump system, 1500w power, and manually operated. Perfect for flats, but can stick out quite a big due to the design. Again, comes in 3 colour options (black, red, and white).

3) De'Longhi Piccolo

You might notice a theme by now, De'Longhi. The Piccolo XS. This machine is perfect for those living alone or in a flat.

The machine is relaticely compact compared to others, but still pacts a punch with its 15 bar pump. The water tank is 0.8L, so wouldn't be ideal for families. This machine even has an eco mode, whereby it will switch off after 1 minute of inactivity. Also rated A for energy consumption!

This modern and almost futuristic design is most definitely unique, and comes in white, red or black.

4) De'Longhi Eclipse

The De'Longhi Eclipse is very different from other machines, and almost doesn't look like a coffee machine. This is the best machine available, and also most expensive.

This product has a water capacity of 1 Litre and a power output of 1600w. This machine sets itself apart by being fully automatic and controlled by the fancy digital touch screen.

This machine, however, does use a lot of room on the kitchen counter top due to the awkward size. But, can act as a focal point for some!

5) Nescafé Majesto Professional

Finally, a product thats not De'Longhi! Joking aside, this machine is built by Nescafé themself, meaning it works effortlessly with their pods. By far the most expensive in the line up, and with good reason. The coffee produced is amazing!

This product has the same specs as most other machines, eg 1.8L water capacity, 15 bar pump, eco mode, etc. But, it has a lovely touchscreen interface which allows full personalisation and customisation of drinks. The machine also connects to the wifi to update itself, how cool!

Perfect for the office, or a family home. This machine is quite heavy though!

6) Krups KP120540 Mini Me

This cute machine from Krups would fit perfectly into any kitchen, and makes great coffee too! This is a small machine will big capabilities. This machine has all the same specs as competitors, and allows effortless cleaning.

However, we round the machine is noisier than others and can vibrate a little. The eco mode only kicks in after 5 minutes, and only one colour option available

Our Verdict

Overall, we love Dolce Gusto. Their coffee really is amazing, and often half the price of Nespresso or other machines. If you're in an office or big house, we would strongly recommend something with a large water tank, or you'll spend all day refilling the reservoir. If not, all the De'Longhi products are perfect, and our favourite ones. All you need now are the pods! However, we understand that Dolce Gusto may not be for everyone, given the abstract rounded design. If so, check out our Nespresso or Tassimo reviews.

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