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Sweet Summer Treats at Home

As we approach the midst of the British summer, some you may be desiring a sweet treat. We have reviewed some of the best products out there at the moment, that will be able to satisfy your cravings for under £50. These appliances are suitable for children and adults, however you may choose different ingredients.

Milkshakes and Smoothies

Whether you are feeling nostalgic about the 'Freakshake' craze or you would prefer to have a light summer smoothie, the Breville Blend active will easily take on the challenge. This somewhat compact personal blender is highly powered, so is able to crush through ice or brownies with ease. It comes with 2 on the go bottles, fantastic for the gym bunnies amongst us, or even if you wish to take your favourite drink out on a stroll. The detachable blade makes it so easy to clean and it is suitable for the dishwasher, even more convenient. If buying this product is a no brainer, but you are worried about what recipes to try, check out this page, you could even add your favourite alcoholic drink into your milkshake.

Buy it now: £19.99

Ice Lollies

Frozen lollies are a staple in our household, we love the idea about getting creative and choosing our favourite flavours to cool us down in the mid-day heat. They can be somewhat underrated, and seen as the ideal kids treat, but that just means you haven't tried frozen G&T or Prosecco. MMTX have created this idealistic 10 pack of moulds, increasing the variety of the ice pop you can create. They have made the product insanely simple to use as well as easy-cleaning. The ingredients that you choose for your popsicles are endless, but here are a few more ideas.

Buy it now: £12.99


Perhaps you are venturing out to a drive through movies, or you have decided to snuggle up and binge on Netflix, either way, this cheap and cheerful popcorn maker will make the film much more enjoyable. Simply place the corn into the bowl, attach the lid and microwave for 2-3 minutes, and voila home made healthy popcorn that you can now personalise the flavourings to suit you. The collapsible design of the popcorn bowl makes it suitable for storing in any kitchen, independent of its size, it is also dishwasher safe.

Buy it now: £15.99

Ice Cream

Summer is not complete unless you have had an ice cream, so how about creating your own this summer. This machine is able to create your favourite flavoured ice cream in just 30 minutes. It is compact and light, but still very powerful, ticking all the boxes, it is also easy cleaned, with the majority of the internal parts being detachable. There are endless ice cream opportunities with this machine, it can even make a sorbets or non-dairy alternatives. Here are some helpful tip and tricks to getting the most out of your machine

Buy it now: £44.99

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