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How to Increase the Storage Capacity of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is generally the hub for most families and households, and therefore it's so important to keep your kitchen clean and de-cluttered. Although personal preference is going to be at the forefront of reorganising your kitchen, we have collated a few of our own ideas that we hope when you put them into practice they may help. We appreciate that some people are struggling for storage, and therefore this blog will help you boost your capacity and offer smart organiser products.

Food Storage

Cereal boxes take up a lot of space and are not always well constructed - for example, the weak packaging can allow for spillages and loose cereal in the back of your cupboards. The solution: air-tight Tupperware. These large storage containers are a great addition to your pantry, they hold a couple of boxes of cereal each, so no more having two boxes open at once. This is a great way to declutter that cereal cupboard and they mean food can last longer! We use pasta, flour, and loads of other ingredients in ours!

Buy Now: £19.97

From food to drinks, storing cans of soda in the fridge is a must in the summer heat, but sometimes stacking them is not a possibility and you end up not being able to store enough. This clear can storage set allows you to store 9 standard cans of your favourite pop, as well as still having a platform on top, so storage can be utilised further. This is the solution to space saving, and clever organisation. No more cans rolling around in your fridge!

Buy now: £18.99


The standard kitchen cupboard is not optimised for storage and you'll see what we mean! When stacking products (such as tins) or mugs, often you find that the shelf is used, but not the top half of the shelf. In doing so, the back of the cupboard becomes hard to use because you can't see what's there and find it difficult to get. The solution: tiered organisers. Not only do they make your life easier by easily displaying those jars in the back, but they are a fantastic affordable solution to utilising your storage potentials. They are easy cleaning and non-slip as well as practical.

Buy Now: £17.99

As aforementioned, occasionally there is a waste of space at the top of the shelf and utilising that, especially with deep cupboards, can really improve the way you store your dry produce. The solution: stack them or hang them. These two product both have their benefits but will only be suitable to certain types of cupboards, so installing a combination into your kitchen sound idealistic.

This intermediate shelf, is a traditional and easy way to double the storage ability of your kitchen cupboards. Its made of a durable plastic and metal, so its sturdy structure provides continual support. It's a versatile and can be utilised in any room of the house if you desire.

Buy Now: £13.00

Another way to combat the unused space at the top of your shelf is to purchase these basket organisers. They are well suited to the deeper cupboards as the use the depth of the shelf as a cantilever. They come in a two pack, so are rather cheap for the amount of product you will be receiving, and the endless use you will get from them.

Buy Now: £9.99

One of the biggest culprits for using up room in your cupboards and drawers is mugs and cups. They're weird shape makes their organisation hard, but not with this clever solution.

Metaltex shelf mug holder is a specifically designed to store mugs from the ceiling of a shelf or cupboard, enabling you to keep the the shelf clear and free. This produce comes in silver or copper, and is made from durable materials. We found it super easy to install, and utilised otherwise empty space.

Buy Now: £7.99


Another annoying thing we find is that in our top drawer, our kitchen cutlery can often get jumbled and lost. The simple solution is a compartment drawer organiser, which we personally love!

Buy Now: £8.00

Another pet hate of ours is when storage lids become lost in our drawers. When they're unorganised, it can take ages to find the exact lid, whilst looking really horrible. They take up so much space, but there is a simple and cheap solution. This piece of equipment has revolutionised our kitchen and made our drawers so much tidier.

Buy Now: £12.99

Finally, pans. A massive issue in the kitchen if not properly tidied. Their different sized shapes means if you need the biggest pan, you'll have to remove every other one. The only way to stack them is via the sizes, but then the handles get in the way! They really are annoying to organise, but this mastertop rack makes this issue go away. Simply insert your organiser rack into your drawers or cupboards, and stack your pans vertically. Simply grab the one you need and put back when you're done.

Buy Now: £18.99

Plain Walls

We have used this product to create our very own spice rack. Spice are usually in small jars, that would get lost on a shelf, let alone the difficulty you would have trying to get the right spice for the back of the cupboard. This product will not only give you the spice rack of your dreams but can be used to make any blank canvas into the spacious storage you require, they work with an adhesive so no damage to the supporting wall, door or surface will be inflicted.

Buy Now: £14.07

Use your sides

The countertop of the kitchen may have recently been made into the home office as we have been quarantined, but once utilised properly it is a brilliant way to increase storage capacity in your kitchen. All of a sudden you don't need to store bread and bagels on the shelf and hot drinks doesn't need a separate cupboard. These unique and stylistic sets not only save your cupboard space for other necessities, but provide easy reach to the products you use most often. These made to last bamboo kitchen storage sets come in a variety of colours, hopefully one of their sets will suit your kitchen.

Buy Now: £27.95

Our verdict

Overall, we hope this blog can help you and encourage you to clean up your kitchen and organise everything you have. A lot of these products Mrs Hinch uses (or similar) and with good reason. These products will honestly change your kitchen organiser habits.

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