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Smart Fridges - Are They Worth It?

Each year more and more products are coming 'smart'. Traditionally usual products are becoming connected to the internet, and the latest trend is fridges. Samsung’s innovative design is currently topping the charts with their smart fridge, with an influx of technological advances, and no subsequent rival, should this fridge be an inevitable purchase for our kitchens in 2020 and will Samsung be a market leader?

How does the refrigeration differ from a regular fridge?

1. Rapid cooling - Due to the smart technology it is able to maintain temperature accurately, and even reaches new temperature goals in a shorter time.

2. Increased functionality - It has half foldable shelves so that storing larger than usual items (a bottle of wine or even your Christmas turkey) can be done in a manner that doesn’t mean compromising other spaces or having to balance items onto one another.

3. Humidity control - each drawer in the main fridge compartment has its own humidity control. Which is beneficial for prolonging the shelf life of your favourite fruit and veg.

4. Water and ice dispenser - similar to the original double fridges, the smart fridge incorporates an ice maker providing both cubed and crushed ice, and also chilled water.

5. The metal cooling system - some fridges can be temperamental when it comes down to keeping all your produce at a constant temperature. With Samsung’s metal cooling system, not only is it a nice aesthetic is promises even refrigeration throughout.

Why is it 'Smart'?

- Main screen aka Family Board is accessible to any member of the household that has access to the iOS/android compatible app. It is designed so that anyone can add content (photos/memos/voice messages) from the phone and pin it onto the fridge tablet, in a matter of seconds.

- Compatible with Spotify with inbuilt speakers, listening to music in the kitchen has become even easier. Weather apps, internet, YouTube videos and more.

- The phone mirroring serve ice is fantastic as it allows for you to watch Netflix, stream videos and browse all your social medias from your phone on a 21.5-inch display. Best suited with a Samsung phone, but it is also compatible with Apple products.

- View inside button- compatible both on the fridge screen and also through the app. Making it more economically friendly in the same way the LG fridge is but also fantastic for checking what you have already got, whilst out shopping.

- Food list- you can add items and expiry dates with reminders to the fridge so that you can get the most out of your food consumption, helping to reduce food waste annually.

- Endless amounts of information at your fingertips, you can search and store recipes and even order takeaway food all from the screen on the fridge.

Samsung's Different Models

Samsung really is the marker leader when it comes to smart fridges, with 2 dominating products. They Both have the same functionality, but slightly different design. The first is a traditionally designed fridge, with the freezer on the left and the right on the right.

1) Samsung RS68N8941SL 613 Litre American Style Fridge Freezer

Buy Now Amazon: £1828.99

Buy Now Curries: £1999

2) Samsung Family Hub RF56M9540SR/EU American-Style Smart Fridge Freeze

The second Samsung smart fridge is essentially the same, but the bottom compartments can be changed into freezers, or fridges (depending on what you'd prefer)

Buy Now Amazon: £2399

Buy Now Currys: £2699

Is it the same as the LG fridge?

Currently on the market there are fridges that look similar to Samsung Family Smart fridge, with a panel in one door. The LG fridge for example is a great purchase if you are looking for just some of the technological advancements that the Samsung’s Family Smart fridge offers, as well as improved temperature control and preservation of your produce.

What is the smart panel on the door then?

The InstaView door-in-door mechanism on the LG fridge allows you, with a double tap, look at the insides of the fridge without having to open the door. This has allowed for the reduction in energy consumption by reducing the amount we open the door affecting the temperature balance and fluctuation.

Buy Now Amazon: £1619.00

Buy Now Currys: £1899.99

Are there any cons?

- The humidity control is a simple sliding mechanism, although they can provide great benefits to the use of the fridge they are easily knocked and would be better if they were in a more inconspicuous part of the drawer.

- We advise that you get this fridge fitted as it does require specific plumbing in order for the ice and drinking water functionality.

- With the software at the moment you are unable to add new apps, the limited apps available may be disappointing.

- Cost. Smart fridges in general are very expensive.

Our verdict

We believe this fridge is ahead of its time, with the technological advancements, and can most certainly improve your daily life's productivity and controllability. However, they are expensive and should probably be bought for those not on a budget. Overall, Samsung is the market leader in smart fridges, but slowly competitors are implementing new features in.

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