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Should Your Kitchen Have a Blackboard?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Although the presence of a blackboard may bring back harsh memories of being at school for many, but it can work as a centrepiece for you family's organisation. There are many different types of blackboard, and some new technologically advanced methods too, all of which will enhance the way you manage your time. The increased versatility of many of the blackboards/whiteboards/pin boards, allow you to personalise them in whichever way you feel best suits your kitchen. In this blog, you will see many different varieties, we hope one of them suits what you are looking for.

Best Combination

This 3-in-1 combination board will steal the attention of your kitchen, its sleek design allows it to easily fit into any household kitchen. Its increased versatility and practical use, makes it even more attractive to purchase. The three features of this board include, cork pinboard, traditional chalkboard and also a magnetic function built into the blackboard. This functional board has everything that you need to get started once you receive it in the post, including chalk, magnets and pins as well as a mounting kit. It should not be limited to use in the kitchen, this board would also be well suited in your hall way, as a place to store post, car keys and read motivational messages before beginning your day.

Buy now: £19.99

Best Space Saver

If you are thinking you really would like a chalkboard, but are worried about where you could assemble it, then we recommend this magnetic steel board. No thicker than wallpaper, it will not take up crucial space and will actually help you alleviate the cluttering that inevitably builds up on our kitchen sides. Its strong magnetic surface can hold a remarkable amount of weight. The Kalamitica chalk board has been created with space saving and organisation at the core of the product, and we could not agree more. Its innovative Italian design is perfect for every room in the house, you can even chose a variety of colours to accommodate to your personal style. Personalisation is at the forefront of this product.

Buy Now: £17.19

Best Basic

If you are looking for something to keep track of appointments and occasionally add to your shopping list as you are passing, then this is the best board for you. Its solid wooden frame in a dark oak aesthetic makes it attractive to the eye as well as hard-wearing. This design comes in a variety of sizes, of which have been constructed to be recognisable to the consumer without having to precisely measure your walls. The photo does not do this product justice, it is indeed good quality and the possibility of use is endless.

Buy Now: £14.34

Best Luxurious

This stunning weekly chalkboard is so aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but it is also so very practical. It is nicely split into the days of the week so that you can keep categorise your tasks and appointments even easier. Personally, I find these types of organisation boards get for meal planning, and the notes section great place to create a shopping list for the week ahead. This luxurious board comes with a chunky chalk, tray and hanging rope, so once you receive it, you are ready to go. Due to the size and weight of the product, depending on where you hang the board, it may be a safer option to drill it into the wall instead of using the hanging rope, but that is a personal decision.

Buy it now: £25.52


Chalk boards vary, some are great with the liquid chalk pens, some write better when using traditional chalk, these are quirks that you may find after purchasing a board yourself. Most of the time a wet wipe or a damp cloth easily removes chalk marks, but after a while it is nice to restore the chalk board to its original colour with a black board cleaner. Here are our recommendations:

Buy Now: £10.95

Buy Now: £8.95

Buy Now: £2.14

Buy Now: £12.65

Our Verdict

As you are now probably aware after reading this blog, purchasing a blackboard is all about bringing creativity into the home, as well as a central place to organise the household. There are many options when it comes down to organising your house, and perhaps the traditional method isn't for you, but we love it. Not only is it an area where you can manage your week but also a place to express emotion and improve your artistic flare by adding character to your kitchen, and those are the reasons we love having one in our home.

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