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Pro Whip Whipping Dispenser: The Best on the Market?

Whipping dispensers are the easiest and most convenient way to make whipped cream in seconds - perfect for topping hot chocolate, victoria sponge cakes or pavlova. They are far superior than any bought whipped cream from the supermarket, and they taste a lot better! Not only that, whipping dispensers can be used for infusing alcohol - such as making your own gin or cocktails - ideal for Christmas!

This review is going to explore the latest barista range from Pro Whip (500ml) which is about to be released from Discount Cream, and explain why we think it's one of the best on the market!

Pro Whip Barista Range 500ml Whipping Dispenser (500ml Metal)

The Pro Whip dispenser is a clever up-market alternative to whipping your own cream manually. Gone are the days of manually whipping up double cream, the whipping dispenser can do it in seconds. Dispensers work by using N2O canisters, which instantly emulsifies the double cream in the chamber. The result, a beautifully curated whipped cream.

One of the main reasons why we love this product so much is that the quality is outstanding. The chamber itself is made from 100% stainless steel. This is advantageous for two reasons: the first is that the product is super durable and will last years; the second, is that this product can be used for hot or cold items, making this product great all year round. The chamber itself felt very heavy and sturdy, as did the dispenser head and the attachments. This is no cheap product that's for sure!

In terms of attachments, the range comes with 3 decorative flutes which allow you to get creative. All items all machine washable but we would advise hand washing the dispenser head. Luckily, the product comes with a special cleaning brush which can get into the small flutes, helping you preserve this product for years.

In terms of squirting whipped cream, we really loved how the manual trigger allows you to control how fast your product comes out - reducing the amount of explosive mishaps and also increasing the accuracy of your decoration. We were also pleasantly surprised about how thick the cream dispenses, like manual whipping this product is able to produce the stiff peaks required for baking.

Pro Whip 500ml N20 metal whipping dispenser

Another surprising benefit we found out whilst unpacking this product is that once you have whipped that cream or made that gin, you can store it in the fridge for up to two weeks. It is able to keep your produce fresh because of its vacuum seal and the N2O that is injected acts as a natural antibiotic, so that freshness is preserved.

We tried adding Monin syrup to the Pro Whip in hope that we could indulge in flavoured cream on top of our coffees. We loved how the Pro Whip was able to combine the syrup and cream without being of detriment to the structure of the whipped cream. A little tip: a little syrup goes a long way, you may want to follow the instructions on the bottle to work out how much you require.

The only improvement we could suggest for this product, would be to perhaps engrave a measurement of where you should fill it too. We were cautious as we didn't want it to overfill when the N2O canister was injected. Better to be safe than sorry, and just use your intuition when operating this product.

The Pro Whip Box:

This specific product from Pro Whip has everything included in the box to get you going, this includes:

- 1x Dispenser chamber

- 1x Dispenser head

- 1x Charger holder

- 3x Decorative flutes

- 1x Charger cap

- 1x Cleaning brush

- 1x User manual

All you need to buy is the double cream and the 'cream chargers'. These are sold separately to the whipping dispenser, but they do come in a large packs of 24 or 50. However, with each use of the machine only using one N2O canister each box is set to last you a while. These also have a long expiry date, so don't worry about buying in bulk.

Pro Whip sell so many varieties of products, including combinations of red, black, plastic and metal - there's one for everyone! Once you try this product, you'll never buy whipped cream from the store again! Lastly, their whipping dispenser products also includes a generous 1-year warranty, so if you do have any issues they'll be rectified.

Recipe Ideas:

We started off easy and made an amazing hot chocolate. I must admit, this felt like Starbucks quality. The cream was light, airy but also firm.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream made from the ProWhip Whipping Dispenser

We then progressed and made a victoria sponge cake, which is where the whipping dispenser really had to prove it's quality - and, of course, it did. Our victoria sponge cake came out perfectly, with the cream being able to suspend the top half easily. This really did save a lot of time, where we'd usually have to manually or electrically whip double cream.

In terms of what the dispenser can be used for, the possibilities really are endless. For desserts. you could experiment and make a meringue or even a chocolate cake. For cocktails, you can make a strawberry foam margarita, long island foam tea, or even a foam pina colada. The possibilities really are endless, and whatever your ideas are, the Pro Whip whipping dispensers will be able to handle it.

Have you got a fancy recipe for whipping dispensers? Send an email via our contact form, we'd love to have a go!

Our Verdict

Overall, we really can't express how amazing this product is. Not only is this product made from extremely high quality, but the results are incredible. Trust us, when you use this product, you'll never want to use a manual or electric whisk ever again. Even if you think the taste is the same, this is more fun! 😁

Want to try yourself?👇🏽

Dispenser: https://www.discountcream.co.uk/cream-whippers--siphons-2-c.asp

Canisters: https://www.discountcream.co.uk/pro-whip-cream-chargers-24-pack-266-p.asp

Syrup: https://www.discountcream.co.uk/monin-1l-syrup-36-c.asp

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