• Toby

Powder vs Liquid vs Capsule Detergents. Top 10 Best Smelling!

Washing your clothes and laundry can sometimes be a laborious and expensive chore, but something everyone has to do. There is nothing better than beautifully clean and smelling clothes to wear! We wanted to review the best smelling detergents, and to do that we categorised them into powder, liquid and pods! Enjoy!

Powder Detergent

Powder is a very traditional method and arguably the first type of detergent. They tend to be the cheapest method of cleaning, and involve measuring out the required powder, and placing in the washing machine tray (or if you don't have one of these, eg students, then in the tub is fine). Powder is usually really good for non-oil stains, eg grass or mud.

1) Persil Bio Washing Powder (Best on Stains)

Persil, owned by Unilever, is probably the most popular washing brand in the UK. Their superior marketing and amazing product quality has meant they have dominated a big market share and presence. Our top washing powder was, specifically, Persil Bio washing powder. We found this product to be really strong on stains, especially given the fact that this is a bio washing powder (ie they use enzymes to remove stains). Tip, if you have sensitive skin, opt for the non-bio version!

This mega pack boasts a 130 washes, making each wash just 12p. This is extremely cheap and close to supermarket store brands!

Buy Now: £16.13

2) Surf Lavender Fragranced Laundry Powder (Best Smelling)

Surf is another massive brand amongst the UK market, which is funnily enough also owned by Unilever. Despite this, the brand and product are completely different. Firstly, this is a little more expensive than Persil. Secondly, this product smells better than persil, but isn't as good for stains.

This specific product costs just 30p per wash, over double Persil.

Buy Now: £20.31

3) Bold PX69583 Washing Powder (Best Value for Money)

Lastly, the most expensive powder in our top 3, Bold. Owned by P&G, this product is by far the best quality. We found that clothes smelt better for longer, and the powder perfectly dissolved in the machines. This product never clumped together or dried onto clothes, and also smelt amazing, especially on bedding with the lavender.

This GIGA XXL pack makes each wash 19p, which is very good value for money.

Buy Now: £25.48

Liquid Detergent

Liquid detergent is more expensiVe than powder, and for good reason. Simply pour in the liquid into a measuring cup, and place in the tray. Perfect for oil or grease stains, but be careful not to put too much in the machine or risk oversudsing.

1) Surf Five Herbal Extracts Liquid Detergent (Best Softness)

Another product from Surf, and for good reason. This exact product was the best smelling in our testing, which lasted too! This product has lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, pine and mint, which when fused together, creates an amazing spring fragrance. Not too overpowering either.

This product, when bought from Amazon in bulk will only cost you 12p per wash, which is unreal for a liquid detergent!