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Portable Drinking Gadgets

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

With lockdown being eased gradually throughout July, you may be on the move more and are looking for some gadgets that you can take the comfort of your kitchen with you. The items listed in this blog will whet your appetite, and are suitable for any excursion.

1) Hip flask

With festivals being cancelled this year, perhaps you would like to spice up your picnics with an alcoholic beverage. This hip flask, with its tartan design, has a traditional persona that would fit in with any trip.

Buy Now: £6.61

2) Thermos

Thermos is one of the most recognisable brands when it comes down to flasks. This flask is suitable for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, perfect for any type of trip out. Their unique design and product quality ensure years of use.

Buy Now: 10.06

3) Pod Coffee Flask

Going back to work, or travelling again? This Nespresso portable machine allows you to perfectly curate your favourite espresso drink on the go! Simply pop the pod in the top, screw it up, and add water. When you're ready to drink, simply push the piston. If you want to find the perfect pods, click here.

Buy Now: £52.90

4) Smart Flask

This flask has the usual insulation and vacuum has the thermos, however, this smart flask tells you the exact degree temperature of the drink. This means you'll never burn your tongue again, or accidentally drink cold coffee. Perfect for babies with eat milk too! Temperatures can be held for up to 6 hours.

Buy Now: £10.99

5) Rucksack Coolbag

This rucksack is perfect for days out, picnics or hiking where you won't want to hold the bag on the side. In doing so, preventing backache! This specific backpack has insulation included to keep your contents cool. The bag also comes in different colour combinations (Black, Grey, Blue, Red).

Buy Now £36.99

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