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Oven Cleaning Products and Tips 2020

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Spring cleaning is well and truly underway, and the most stubborn appliance is usually left until the end. With our tips and these products, you will be cutting through the oven grease so easily that you will be wondering why you left it until now. We will now go through each of the products we use and the little tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of each purchase.

1) Best bi-weekly Oven Clean

Cleaning your oven weekly may seem laborious and unnecessary, but it is the cleaning little and often that will help maintain the quality of your oven. On a weekly basis, we like to get some hot soapy water and scrub off any debris that may have landed on the inside surface of the oven. We recommend Fairy, it is much thicker than the other washing up liquids, available in supermarkets or Amazon, allowing it to cut through grease at a quicker rate. We also use the OXO washing up brush as the bristles really work into the crevices and corners of the oven. Once you have removed the food debris or grease, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe the excess bubbles. If you find that this has left the oven smeary, it may be because there is still grease present. We then use simple all-purpose spray and kitchen roll to get the acquired finish.

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2) Best Monthly Oven Clean

At the end of the month we like to make sure the house, but especially the kitchen is super clean so that we can start the next month with a fresh head. Each month we like to treat our oven with the Mr Muscle oven cleaner. Every month we like to spray Mr Muscle onto the oven walls, base and ceiling. We leave it for up to ten minutes, then using a warm damp microfibre cloth wipe off the product and grease contents. If you notice that there is still some grease left in the oven or that the surface is now smeary, use soapy water to remove grime and reapply the Mr Muscle cleaner. At the end of each month we also like to clean the racks of the oven, if they are visibly dirty. In this case we apply small amounts of Mr Muscle to the affected areas and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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3) Best bi-yearly Oven Clean

This bi-yearly oven clean is something I like to do straight after the winter season, at the beginning of February and also at the end of September. We do not cook as regularly in the oven during the summer months, so tend to focus our bi-yearly cleans around intensity of use. Firstly, remove the racks, we use a product called Oven Pride for our rack cleaning as we can assure you it will restore your oven racks to as good as new.

This is how we use them:

1) Take out the oven racks and make sure they are clean of food debris just by rinsing the rack with warm soapy water.

2) Place the oven racks (do not add more than 2 in each bag) into the bag provided with the product - we suggest you leave it overnight (or for even 24 hours if you can) and when you can tilt the bag so that every part of the wire rack is covered.

3) Whilst you wait for your racks to clean, we recommend you leave them either in the sink

or where if a leak occurred it would not ruin any part of your kitchen. We have never had a problem with leaky bags, but it is not uncommon that the racks could pierce a small hole.

4) When the time is up, carefully remove the racks and wash with hot soapy water, we recommend Fairy.

With regard to the oven itself, we start by using the hot soapy water, using Fairy, and the OXO washing-up brush to remove any dirt and grease that may be visible. Then, after removing the residue with a kitchen towel we use a caustic cleaner to restore it to its new self. Due to the strength of this product we advise that you read and follow the instructions whilst using it. We use Oven Mate as our caustic cleaner, this is how and why we use it:

This product will leave your oven looking like you have had it professionally cleaned. It can not only be used on the inside walls on the oven but also on the glass door. Unlike other caustic cleaners, Oven Mate does not leave any fumes or acidic odours. We usually leave the product on for 2-3 hours, but if you have a thick grease coated oven, we would advise leaving it on for 1 hour, clean it and then reapply for another 2-3 hours. The timing should work out great, once the oven is clean, leave it for 8-12 before using it (we wait overnight), in this time your racks will be sparkling clean and ready to be put back in.

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Our verdict

If you spend hours and hours scrubbing and are told that elbow grease is the only way you can clean your oven without hiring professionals, do not be fooled. Hopefully, with these products and our helpful tips on the side, you don’t have to resent oven-cleaning-day.

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