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Top 8 Essential Joseph & Joseph Products

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

If you haven't heard of Joseph and Joseph then you're in for a treat. Their products are pioneering in terms of design and have radically improved traditional kitchenware. The twins have always been fascinated with elegant designs from a young age and this can be seen in the products today. Over the years they've created a lot of products, so we've created a list of our favourites!

1) Knife Drawer Organiser

This simple yet effective organiser will create order and efficiency to your draws. No more rummaging around for the knife you want and accidentally cutting yourself. This simple organiser allows safe storage of the sharp knife whilst keeping them ordered. The design has non-slip feet meaning the box won't slip around in your drawer and will store up to 9 knives. The product comes in 2 colours (grey or green) and is available on prime.

Buy Now: £16.00

2) Cutlery Drawer Organiser

Following on from the theme of storage, this is the same principle but for cutlery. The product has 3 large components (knives, spoons, forks) and two smaller components (for smaller spoons)

Buy Now: £15.00

3) Food Storage Boxes

Storage boxes have been around for ages by Joseph and Joseph boxes are amazing. If you regularly use containers for leftovers or for ingredients, then these are for you. Their robust design means they're airtight, leak-free and they last years! Their colourful design allows for easy pairing of box and lid whilst their purposeful dimensions allow easy storage (as they all sit within each other). These versatile plastic boxes are also freezer, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Buy Now: £34.99

4) Mixing Bowl Set

A lot like the previous item, mixing bowls can have the same storage issues. The Joseph and Joseph mixing bowl set remove this problem by creating a space-saving set, which allows each bowl to rest in each other. Again, their beautifully designed with non-slip feet and are very robust. One set includes a 4.5 bowl, 3 litre colander, 1.65 litre sieve, 0.5 litre mixing bowl and 5 measuring cups. The set is perfect for baking, or general cooking preparations. If you're not a fan of the colours, then they also offer more minimalist styles (such as opal and sky).

Buy Now: £43.49

5) Utensils Set

The beautifully designed utensils set is a perfect addition to any kitchen. The 6 piece set includes a spoon, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, a ladle, slotted turner, flexible turner and a carousel. Each severe has a raised lip which means your uteneils are elevated when placed down onto the worksurface, reducing mess and improving hygiene. Overall the quality is amazing and they last a long time, even when using the dishwasher. The only issue we found with these is that if you leave the spoon in a pot they can fling out due to the heavy weighted handle, so be careful! Again, you can order these in less bright colours if you desire.

Buy Now: £44.67

6) Chopping Boards

This set of 4 chopping boards by Joseph and Joseph provides an easy storage unit whilst easily displaying the designated board. In doing so, this colour coded system helps reduce cross-contamination. All the boards are dishwasher safe, and easy to clean by hand. Their plastic is good quality with a deep thick board, proving a sturdy surface to chop on. These products last years and can come in two sizes (regular or large). The regular is perfect for studio flats where space is limited, or couples. Whereas the large is perfect for family cooking.

Buy Now: £45.09

7) Kitchen Brush

If you don't have access to a dishwasher (eg students, elderly or those in flats) then this soap dispensing brush will revolutionise your cleaning routine. This neat product enables scrubbing with their non-scratch bristles whilst releasing washing up liquid. The product even comes with a storage stand to prevent dripping onto the surfaces. The product can also be dismantled to be cleaned.

Buy Now: £12.00

8) Food Compact

If you regularly put food in a caddy then youll want to use this product. With standard recyling caddies provided from local councils they are made from cheap plastic and odours can seep out. Joseph and Joseph have reduced this issue and made a food caddy with odour filters which reduce moisture and bad smells.

Buy Now: £30.00

Our Verdict

If you're looking to purchase any kitchenware then it's definitely worth investing a little bit more and acquiring Joseph & Joseph. All of their products are designed with the customer's needs in mind. Everything is built to a high standard and engineered to maximise efficiency for consumers.

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