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Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker: Is it Worth the Money?

Ninja Kitchen are an amazing brand (which also owns Shark by the way) which produces really high quality appliances. They sell everything from blenders, to food processors, and grills. Each product receives amazing reviews from big brands such as 'expert reviews' and 'trusted reviews', and rightly so! We absolutely love Ninja and their products, and so should you!

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Now, you might think that the Multi-Cooker is just an expensive pressure cooker, and you're a little bit correct, but it does more than that. The machines vary between 6 and 9 functions, as outlined below, but in short, you can pretty much do anything with this, whether it be steam your veg, crisp your fries or slow cook a stew.

Not only does this product have a massive variety in terms of cooking, it also has many benefits, such as up to 75% less fat (because of the air-fry technology), and cooking times up to 70% faster! You can cook food from frozen, feed the entire family and experiment with recipes! The possibilities with this machine really are endless. Also, you might be thinking that clearing this machine would take ages. Wrong! These machines have machine washable components (apart from the

There are three different size variations of the multi cooker:

1) 4.7L (OP100UK)


- 6 functions (Pressure / Air / Slow / Steam / Roast / Sauté)

- Included: unit, pressure lid, cooking pot, crisp plate, rack)

- 9KG Weight

- 1460 Wattage

Buy Now Amazon: £149.00

Buy Now Ninja: £149.99

2) 6L (OP300UK)


- 7 functions (Pressure / Air / Slow / Steam / Roast / Sauté / Grill)

- Included: unit, pressure lid, cooking pot, crisp basket, rack)

- 11KG Weight

- 1460 Wattage

Buy Now Amazon: £199.00

Buy Now Ninja: £199.99

3) 7.5L (OP500UK) - Currently 20% off!


- 9 functions (Pressure / Air / Slow / Steam / Roast / Sauté / Grill / Yoghurt / Dehydrate)

- Included: unit, pressure lid, cooking pot, crisp plate, rack)

- 11.3KG Weight

- 1760 Wattage

Buy Now Amazon: £189.00

Buy Now Ninja: £195.00


However, we found these products to be quite heavy, so if you're elderly, pregnant or fragile then maybe this isn't the best option!

Also, the machines are relatively chunky, so bear in mind it will take up a lot of room to store, perhaps you'll need to keep it out on the countertop?

Out Verdict

Overall, we really think the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker is amazing. Regardless of the size you choose, the functionality is pretty much endless and the results are always amazing. Yes they are expensive, but no more than a good coffee machine, so why not buy something can do pretty much everything. All machines have a year warranty too! Our favourite is the 6L machine, which we feel is a great compromise between price and functionality.

If you do have one, or plan on getting one, click here for some amazing health slow cooker recipes from BBC GoodFood.

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