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The Ultimate Lavazza Coffee Machines (2021)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Favourite Italian espresso since 1895, Lavazza is known for its rich and deep aromas and the fact that they can know offer that in the comfort of your own home is remarkable. It is recommended and served by some of the best chefs in the world including Monica Galletti. We have composed this blog to broaden your knowledge on the variety of different machines that are available out there.

1) Modo Mio Jolie Coffee Machine with Integrated Milk Frother

Lavazza's best seller is here to make its mark on the pod to coffee market. It is the perfect size for any family, especially those who love to indulge in milk based beverages such as Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. With two programmable settings, you chose between a lungo or espresso shot.This elegant machine is ideal for curating your favourite Lavazza drinks.

Dimensions- 222x217x331mm

Power- 1250W

Buy now (Amazon): £129.99

2) Modo Mio Jolie Coffee Machine

If you are looking for the best machine that can be used to indulge your coffee cravings but not break the bank in doing so, than the Modo Mio Jolie machine is perfect. Unlike the previous machine, this one comes without the milk frother, so if you are happy with black lungo or espresso than you dont need to look anywhere else. In just 35 seconds you could be sipping your hot fresh barista quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Dimensions- 124x330x210mm

Power- 1250W

Buy now: £45.00

3) Modo Mio Deséa Coffee Machine

This machine is remarkable, the most technically advanced Lavazza machine in the range. Not only does it supply 4 different coffee sizes and varieties but it also has 5 different milk preferences so that you can have any coffee you desire, cappuccino or risteretto. This machine also able to provide you with hot or cold frothed milk, making you even more in control of the barista quality coffee you are desire.

Dimensions- 145x380x280mm

Power- 1500W

Buy now: £190.00

4) Modo Mio Tiny Coffee Machine

Are you working form home but still crave the rich coffee that the office provides? This little machine would be a fantastic addition to your make do office. In just 25 seconds your brew will be ready. With a large water tank, you'll be able to enjoy your coffee all day long without having to refill it. Although it is known for being tiny, dont judge its capability, with the same compatible pods as the other machines, the Lavazza espresso it produces is unparalleled.

Dimensions- 187x321x310mm

Power- 1450W

Buy now: £69.00

5) Modo Mio Idola Coffee Machine

This is one of the newest Lavazza coffee machines, and with a click of a button you can have a variety of different coffees, with three pre-measure doses and one unrestricted one. It only takes 35 seconds for this machine to warm up so you will be sipping your coffee in no time. This machine is curated from top quality products and was recently voted the quietest machine of its kind, with the largest water tank of it's range at 1.1L, this is surely a winner in our books.

Dimensions- 145x380x280mm

Power- 1500W

Buy now: £138.00

6) Milk frothers

If you are debating on which coffee machine to get and are undecided if you'll need a milk frother perhaps you should purchase a separate milk frother rather than committing to the integrated set aforementioned. Having a milk frother allows you to create perfect cappuccinos and lattes. Lavazza have two branded varieties for you to chose from, the Milk Easy and the Milk Up.

The 'Milk Easy' (Left) is a fully electrical appliance that is so convenient and smart that it alerts you when your milk is hot and ready to be enjoyed. It has two functions, heating and frothing, if you just want to heat the milk it has the capacity to do 180ml, but if you also want it frothed its 120ml max capacity. There are handy markings on the inside to help you with that.

The 'Milk Up' (Right) is another fantastic Lavazza product that has all the fantastic details mentioned in the Milk Easy review, with the added bonus of an easy pour handle and detachable jug which makes it so much easier to clean.

Buy now: £49.00

Buy now: £59.00

Our verdict

2021 has just begun and if you are like us we already need our coffee, anyone else feel like we should be February? As you can see Lavazza have a plethora for you to chose from varying in size and price, we hope you find your perfect match and enjoy all the coffee you desire in the years to come. Why not compare these Lavazza machines to Nespresso and Dolce Gusto ones?

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