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How To Convert Your Kitchen into your Office during Coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted everyone across the world, and we have had to adapt almost everything in our lives. One of the biggest impacts is the fact that people had to be 'locked down' in their house. This meant for most, working from home. What sounds like a dream, working from home can be tiresome, especially if your kitchen / house is busy! Offices pose many benefits which boost productivity, such as nice chairs, proper internet, dual screens, and an amazing coffee machine. However, you may have found yourself working from home now, and finding it hard to be productive. Well, this blog should help you kit our your kitchen / home and make it an amazing work from home office.

1) Office Desk

If you don't like using your kitchen countertop or dining room table, having a designated desk means your work can stay where it is, and you can be in your own office.

This specific desk, from Coavas Store, is amazing. Firstly, the L shaped desk means you can utilise corners of rooms really well, and gives you lots of room for laptops/ printers/ papers etc. Secondly, the product comes in many different finishes, such as walnut, glass, dark, brown or white. Thirdly, for under £100, the quality is impeccable.

Buy Now: £89.99

2) Office Chair

Nothing is worse than working all day in an uncomfortable chair, so then experience back pain and muscle aches. Posture is really important when sitting at a chair, and can make a big difference later on in life. Getting a proper chair with lumbar support and the right angle will make such a big difference.

This chair from COMHOMA, does exatly that! This chair has all the relevant features (such as the curved backrest, lumbar support, and adjustable hand rests) to make sure you can work all day and not experience back ache. This product comes in white or black too!

Buy Now: £79.99

3) Office Printer

If you're now working from home, and using screens, its easy to get headaches! One of the best ways to prevent this is by printing out the relevant work you have and using that instead. For example, if you have a report going to the press, or a presentation you need to proof read, it's much better to print it and write on top. Also, you're more likely to notice mistakes, believe it or not.

Printing can be done cheaply if you choose the right device. We suggest the HP DeskJet 2710 All-in one printer. This is one of the cheapest printers on the market, but has amazing functionality (such as wireless printing) and is fantastic quality.

Buy Now: £39.99

4) Office Screens

If you work from a laptop, or a desktop, then one of the best things you can do is invest in another screen. Having a dual-monitor set up is revolutionary. We found productivity to be more than double, because it means you can have so many things open. Dual screens are a common practice now in offices, so why not have it at yours.

The Samsung C27F390 is a 27 inch screen, meaning it's more than big enough, and simply connects via a HDMI cable. For windows users, this will be a standard output for your computer, but for mac users, you may need a DP to HDMI adapter or a USB-C to HDMI cable.

Buy Now: £169.99

5) Office Power Strip

In order to power and charge your devices, a good idea is to get a smart power strip. This essential means you can control your plugs (devices) through Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings or their apps. Alternatively, you can set timers or schedules to automatically power on or off certain items. For example, we set a timer for everything to turn on at 7am. This means by 7:30 everything is ready for me to start work!

Buy Now: £29.52

6) Desk Organiser

Why not keep your desk clean and de-cluttered using a simple desk organiser. This will make a big difference, I assure you! Keeping your desk clean is such an easy task with this organiser, and means you can be super productive.

This specific product is made from a metal mesh, and for under ten pounds, is a bargain!

Buy Now: £9.99

7) Office Coffee Machine

Need a mid afternoon pick me up? We've all been there, 3pm coffee time to keep you going in the afternoon, or perhaps an 8am coffee to wake you up. Well, since you're not in the office enjoying their coffee, why not get one for yourself!

We strongly recommend the De'Longhi Nespresso Machine for a so many reasons. Firstly, Nespresso is the best when it comes to pods and coffee. Secondly, the Italian company De'Longhi make amazing machines which are built to last. The Lattissima is such a perfect machine, with the inbuilt frother too!

Buy Now: £209.00

8) Cable Holder Clips

Following on from the de-clutter and having a neat desk, cables are the worst for it! A perfect solution to keeping your desk clean and minimalist is using cable holders. Soulwit have created the best product, which comes with 3 different clips.

Buy Now: £6.95

9) Computer Webcam

Given you're working from home, you're going to be using a lot of video conferencing and therefore its pertinent you have a quality video webcam.

We recommend P&U's webcam which is 1080p (very good quality) which has a built in microphone, light correction HDR technology and works with any device.

Buy Now: £27.99

10) Mouse and Keyboard

Using a mouse and keyboard makes typing and general navigation so much faster and more efficient. Although keyboards from laptops are built well today, sometimes its best to have a keyboard.

We absolutely love the Wireless keyboard and mouse set from Fenifox, which works on both windows and mac. At just 30 pounds, this is great value for money.

Buy Now: £30.99

Our Verdict

Overall, we hope you are keeping safe during coronavirus, and for those working from home, hopefully you can return the office soon. We definitely think that coronavirus has caused a cultural shift whereby it's the norm for consumers to work from home. Therefore, we think its imperative that you invest in your home office since it may last years!

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