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Is it too early to be planning Christmas?

As I write this blog we are in the middle of the British summer, not that it feels that way. The cold rainy days are making me want to snuggle up on the sofa and indulge in a thick hot chocolate whilst binging out on old movies. I don't know about you, but inclement weather makes me think... CHRISTMAS.

I am a massive fan of the festive period, how close people seem and how much fun and laughter can come out of being around your loved ones. As far as Christmas 2020 goes the UK was heavily discouraged to meet with loved ones and in half of the country it was an illegal offence. So let's make 2021 the year to remember and go one better than we have ever before.

Prevent the Panic

Christmas is the same date every single year, yet you still hear people saying how it "crept up on them", do not let that be you this year. With exactly 24 weeks to go why not ponder a loose thought towards the festivities. Work out who is hosting Christmas this year, do you need to sort out accommodation or travel, and are there currently any early bird discounts.

Be Proactive

We aren't suggesting you start to hoard all your Christmas gifts now or even book the turkey, we are simply suggesting writing down all the dates that you can start organising yourself.

For example, in your diary note down the dates from which you can start to order your Christmas food. If you are looking to purchase live ticket events, as gifts or days out in the run up to Christmas, you best note down the days that tickets come out so that you get the pick of the bunch. Start doing some research into Black Friday, when are your favourite shops going to be discounting that desired gift, or is it going to be at a cheaper price in the summer sale?

Start saving

If you are partial to a spreadsheet, why not work out the rough expenditure. Things to think about include: Food, Travel, Gifts, Accommodation, Days out, Events and more. It is always good to stick to a tighter budget when pre-planning, that way you won't feel the need to stretch, I would also recommend that you try and be realistic, perhaps using previous years expenditure as an outline.

Don't be fooled

Black Friday falls on the 26th November this year and retailers will soon be marketing their upcoming deals. The Black Friday trend has exploded into Cyber Monday and early-Black Friday deals, meaning, that it can be confusing to weed out the deals from the dupes. Putting in some homework now and purchasing big ticket items in the summer sales could actually save you money in the long run.

Embrace the seasons

We know it is only summer, we aren't crazy... we aren't suggesting you put away the swimsuits and embrace the 'Nan-knitted' vests we just want you to be able to enjoy all the months and seasons to come. This is ultimately to reduce stress, not to induce it. Planning ahead will benefit you, and your hairline, at the end of the day.

Our verdict

Don't stress this isn't to remind you that the clock is ticking. Everyone deals with organising tasks slightly differently and that okay. We are just hoping that this blog will help a few people manage their time and wallets better in the run up to Christmas 2021.

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