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Summer has arrived, and so has the heat. One of the best things about holidays or summer is ice creams. Unfortunately, coronvairus has prevented a lot of travels and days out, so why not make your own ice cream at home to make up for lost time! Making ice cream at home is great fun for the family, and a much cheaper and healthier option than buying from a supermarket or ice cream parlour. If you have any allergies, such as gluten free or dairy-intolerant, it's a perfect way of making ice cream you can enjoy.

Best Low-End Ice Cream Makers

Amazons’ #1 best seller, this ice cream maker will feed your cravings in under 30 minutes. Once you have found a recipe best suited to satisfy your cravings, this machine will take care of the rest for you. We found that the machine is able to produce consistently perfect quality ice cream, with a smooth texture. However, it is reliant on you having the inside contents of the machine frozen for at least 8 hours. This unfortunately meant you could only make one batch a day, unless you purchase the spare contents on top. This produce is also able of making sorbets and frozen yoghurt.

Buy Now: £44.99

Another fantastic product we found was from Aicok. Like before, this is a t 1.5L ice cream maker, which can make ice cream in 15 minutes. This, however, also requires the inside bowl to be frozen for 8 hours.

Buy Now: £45.99

Best Mid-Range Ice Cream Makers

If you're looking for something more professional, but dont want to spend too much, then our mid range ice makers are awesome. Cuisinart's ice cream maker creates beautifully textured ice cream in just 25 minutes. Despite being over 100pounds, this product still requires you to pre-freeze the interior dish, therefore limiting you to one batch at a time. This product does, however, include a fruit paddle, allowing soft ingredients to be blended. We would have preferred a slightly larger basin though, which only contains 1.4L.

Buy Now: £119.99

Best High-End machine

Frequently make ice cream? Dont want to have to pre-freeze the inside dish? Then Cuisinart is for you. This ice cream maker will make perfect ice cream in just 40 minutes and without having to pre-freeze inside contents, this machine is a fantastic choice if you are looking to make more than one batch of ice cream. The machine will also be able to keep the ice cream cool for 10 more minutes. This product is responsibly priced given the functionality and build quality, and is strongly recommended for those who enjoy frequent ice cream.  

Buy Now: £239.95

The Magimix 11680 machine really is a gelato expert. This is the most professional ice cream maker you could buy, without spending thousands. This exact product benefits from a large 2L bowl size which means bigger batches can be made. Additionally, this product benefits from two large stainless steel bowls, and does not need interior fixtures to be pre-frozen. Through a combination of all these features, the Magimix allows continuous ice cream making. However, this unit is chunky and heavy.  

Buy Now: £471.96

Handy Ice Pop Moulds

If you dont fancy expensive fancy ice creams but would rather have a cold refreshing ice-pop then these moulds are perfect. These BPA-free and non-toxic moulds allow you to make whatever flavoured popsicle you want. You can even use these to create summer dog treats!

Buy Now: £12.99

Cool Box

For those that might want to enjoy an ice cream on the go, or at a picnic, then this thermos cool box is perfect. This generously sized box (32L) can allow drinks, food or ice creams to be kept cold for up to 8 hours - meaning you can make your own ice cream for your own picnic!

Buy Now: £31.95

Ice Cream Scoop

Lastly, you may want to use a scoop to excavate out your ice cream scoops. This #1 best seller on Amazon is perfect for everyday use. The stainless steel scoop is complemented with a non-slip rubber grip, allowing perfect control when scooping. The reasonably priced product is also dish-washer safe.

Buy Now: £8.99

Our Verdict

Overall its definitely worth enjoying some ice cream throughout the summer seasons. Whether you decide to buy a maker, or buy some, ice creams are an excellent treat for anyone. If you struggle to find dietary-suitable ice creams or want to control the ingredients that make them, we suggest Cuisinart Style Collection Ice Cream and Dessert Maker. Lastly, if you're looking for some tasty recipes, click here.

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