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How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Effectively

Kitchen sinks are vital for everything, whether it be getting a glass of water, doing the washing up or emptying down your mop water. However, from time to time the sink can become slow to drain, smell or even be blocked. This makes simplest of tasks difficult, and will need attention straight away before the issue gets worse and causes more damage.

1) Boiling Hot Water

If your kitchen drain is blocked or slowly draining, then your first port of call should be boiling hot water. Simply boil a full kettle, and pour down the drain.

This technique can sometimes dislodge any grime, grease or hair. We tend to do this once a month anyway. Be careful if you have PVC pipes (ie modern houses) because sometimes hot water can soften your your pipes

2) Baking Soda

If hot water doesn't work, a relevantly cheap solution can be using baking soda. This wonderful powder has so many uses, and one of them can be unclogging sinks.

Simply pour one cup of fresh baking soda into your kitchen drain and one cup of white vinegar. Then place a rubber cap over the sink, and allow the substance to effervesce away the dirt. To clean, simply pour hot water down the tap.

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3) Wet-Dry Vacuum

If you're still struggling, then one technique you can try is using a wet-dry vacuum, if you have one.

Simply put your vacuum into wet mode, place the hose on top of your sink drain and create a seal and turn on. More often than not, this will dislodge anything stuck and allow contents to pass through the sink.

We recommend Vacmaster's 20L vacuum cleaner, which has more than enough power (1250W motor and 200 AW of suction)

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4) Plunger

Failing that, another technique is using a plunger. They are worth buying if you havent got one already because they can be used for any drain or toilet. They work 99% of the time, and unclog almost everything. However, does require a little manpower.

Simply insert the rubber tip over the sink to create a vacuum and vigorously pump up and down until you feel it dislodged. This heavy duty one from T&B would do the job!

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5) Mr Muscle Drain Unblocker Gel

If you prefer to use chemicals, Mr Muscle have a fantastic unnlocker gel which can burn through any build ups and deposits.

Simply pour in the recommended amount and watch the clog disappear. This can be used regularly too, say every 3 months to prevent clogs.

Buy Now: £7.90

6) Tech Traders Cleaning Rod

Failing that, you must have a very serious blockage which will either require a cable auger or a professional plumber.

This little machine is capable of unblocking almost anything, because of its 6MM wide flexible rod. This rode is 7.6m long, so will be able to reach deep enough in most drains, and the rotating handle causes the cable to rotate, knocking out any debris.

A useful but inexpensive product!

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Our Verdict

Overall, we hope you got your kitchen sink drain cleared up, and whatever worked, we glad it did. It's definitely worth using preventative measures throughout the year to prevent blockages, such as a filter, regular use of hot water and semi-regular use of chemicals. That alone will definitely eradicate any bad smells too.

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