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Gadgets to Help Perfectly Poach your Eggs!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Struggling to get a good poached egg? Perhaps you are a student on a budget, a newbie in the kitchen, or you have just admitted defeat to swirling water. Here are the latest gadgets under £15 that can help make the perfect poached egg.

1) Poachies

Egg poaching bags that will up your game.


- They provide eggcellent results each time (see what we did there!)

- They are so cheap! (100 bags for 9 pounds!)

- They provide eggscelent results each time (see what we did there!)

Buy Now: £9.00

2) Silicone egg cups

Egg poaching cups that can be reused.


- They are easy to use; you don’t even have to watch them.

- They can be reused, so no more future purchasing and better for the environment

- You can cook 4 poached eggs in one pan!

- Perfect for travelling, poached eggs whenever.

Buy Now: £6.99

3) Microwave egg poacher

Sistema has now created a product that will let you poach eggs in a microwave!


- It may be a little more meticulous than the other products, as you have a little less control over the eggs.

- It can be reused over and over, so no more future purchasing.

- You can cook 4 eggs simultaneously, and quickly.

- Check your microwave size is compatible!

Buy Now: £9.99

4) Egg poacher pan

20cm Saphire egg poacher allows you to cook 4 eggs in its own pan.


- Smart and unique pan that doubles up as an egg poacher and a standard non-stick frying pan.

- Comes with four egg poaching cups, would be perfect for a group.

- Very cheap for all the product you get.

- Only suitable for gas stoves, not suitable for induction hobs.

Buy Now: £10.99

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