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How to Keep COVID Clean During Winter 2020 UK Review

It may seem that the Coronavirus pandemic is just never ending, unfortunately that is going to be the case for many more months to come. We have revised our previous blog as well as research into new products for winter, and have found the best products that will help you keep your home clean and hopefully COVID-free.

1) Kitchen Roll

We advise you to be using kitchen roll at the moment instead of your regular cloths, this is because the virus and bacteria can live on the cloth for up to 72 hours after which may lead to you spreading the dirt rather than cleaning it. Kitchen roll is your best friend in the kitchen, use and throw, it is the best way to keep safe. Check out our individual blog on kitchen rolls to decide which brand is best suited to you.

2) Kitchen-top spray

Perhaps one of the most applicable areas to be cleaned is your kitchen-top surfaces, as they are the easiest to pick up germs up from. It is reported that coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 28 days if there aren't disinfected properly. Unfortunately, a bit of warm soapy water is not going to kill the virus so we recommend purchasing products that specifically state that they remove covid droplets, here are a few:

Dettol Power and Fresh Citrus

This kitchen spray is not only effective with killing 99.9% of bacteria and virus including that related to Covid-19 but also leaves you kitchen smelling wonderfully clean. It is easy to use in the spray bottle and doesn't require any dilution. You can also purchase refill packages to save yourself more money in the future.

Buy it now: £9.78

Cif Power and Shine

Another top of the notch kitchen spray is Cif's multi purpose antibacterial spray. It also proves to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including those related to winter flu and Covid-19. At a very reasonable price for a large pack of six, stocking up for the months ahead doesn't seem too worrying anymore. Its fresh scent will help confirm you have a clean home to those who you invite in.

Buy it now: £12.00

Dettol Antibacterial Wipes

Very similar to that of the Dettol spray the Dettol wipes are effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria and virus. If you are looking for a quick clean option, I suppose you couldn't get any quicker than taking a disposable cloth out of the packet and get cleaning straight away. Things we love about this product include: they are covered in the antibacterial formula so you can see its distribution across your surfaces, they are somewhat stretch so are perfect for door handles and hard to reach areas, and finally they are resealable so your wipes won't dry out and you can reap the most out of the product.

Buy it now: £21.00

3)Floor Sprays

We would recommend you looking at our blog on floor cleaning especially if you are looking to treat yourself to a new mop ahead of the winter. As the nights close in and the weather deteriorates in the UK it is inevitable that we are going to be bring in more dirt and germs on our shoes into our house. With the global pandemic still being very prevalent it is essential we keep on top of cleaning our floors, here are some of the products we use and recommend:

Flash Anti-Bac Floor wipes

If you are looking for a quick but efficient method of cleaning your floors these flash floor wipes are fantastic. They are compatible with the Flash mop but can also be used in the same way as a surface wipe, which makes them fantastic for those hard to get areas. They remove 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses on your floor and leave a lovely fresh scent behind.

Buy it now: £4.99

Zoflora Disinfectant

Tested against coronavirus, Zoflora has been proven to kill it and many other bacteria and viral diseases. With this product a little goes a long way, use just one part of Zoflora to 40 parts water. Not only is it fantastic at removing the dirt and grime but it also leaves your house smelling beautiful hours after use. When people visit that is one of the first things they mention.

Buy it now: £7.99

Other must haves and extra tips

The most important thing to continuing doing through the winter months is washing your hands. The best hand wash to get is an anti-bacterial one, as they are proven to kill the bacteria and viruses we pick up. We use Carex Dermacare as we find it doesn't dry out our hands like others do. Hand sanitisers are another product you may want to have stocked by the kitchen sink, for when you are in a rush, make sure you get one that has at least 70% alcohol in it, this provides the best germ fighting. We use Lakeland Cosmetics as it is easy pump, quick drying and proven to kill 99.99% of germs.

Our verdict

It is going to be a difficult winter for sure, but we have got this. Try to clean your kitchen daily, and make sure you are wiping down the most used areas multiple times. Things to remember to clean are: door and cupboard handles, taps, bin lids, fridges and popular appliances like the kettle. If you use the product we have listed above we hope you will have no problems over the winter and the second lockdown.

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