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How to Automate Your Kitchen (10 ways)

As we move through the years, so many of our utensils have been upgraded and automated without us noticing. This blog will demonstrate exactly that, and how easy and affordable it is to automate your kitchen. Saving you time and making your life just that much easier.

1) Automatic soap dispenser

With us all having to wash our hands thoroughly multiple times a day,investing in a sensor/automatic soap dispenser is a great idea. You reduce the number of touch points by each person, reducing the risk of passing on disease. This product is refillable with your own soap, so you can experiment with aromas you prefer. Another bonus is that it gives you the correct quantity, so that there is not waste of material.

Buy Now: £17.00

2) Automatic Pan Stirrer

This time saving gadget is a real help in the kitchen, and is almost like having an extra set of hands. I personally use it to make fantastic scrambled eggs, to stop my baked beans burning onto the bottom of the pan, and also making silky smooth sauces. It’s able to be used in all pans, non-stock ones too. The only downside is that it only comes in one size, which could potentially cause a problem around the edges.

Buy Now: £19.99

3) Electric Tin Opener

This sleek electric tin opener will not only save you time, but the reduce the mess you make whilst you battle with a manual can opener. It’s 3-in-1 design means that you can utilise it to the maximum.

Buy Now: £21.99

4) Automatic Potato/Veg Peeler

Peeling vegetables and fruit can really take up your valuable time, especially if you are catering for the masses, for example at Christmas. This handy little gadget is able to peel your produce with little assistance from yourself. It is an automatic must have in our kitchen, and I do not know how I lived so long without one!

Buy Now: £26.98

5) Automatic Hand Whisk

Whether it is making a trifle or a cheesecake, thickening cream can take a while. An automatic handwhisk can shorten this time by about 10 minutes. Not only can you use it for thickening creams, but also making cakes, cookies and other recipes. This is not a must have but a need. We use our electric handwhisk more than once a week, so it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Buy Now: £18.99

6) Electric Knife Sharpener

Knife sharpening is often something people can forget about, whilst looking after their utensils. This electric sharpener allows you to be a pro chef, within the walls of your own home. Not only will it effect the performance of your knives, it will also preserve them, so that ultimately you get more for you what you originally paid for. It may seem expensive, for something you may not deem necessary, but it could prolong the life of your knife set for up to 3 years, so really it’s a bargain in disguise.

Buy Now: £44.42

7) Salt n Pepper Auto Grinder

There is nothing I dislike more than having to manually grind salt and pepper whilst also trying not to burn our dinner. These Salter grinders provide you with quick and easy grounded salt or pepper with just a click, also eliminating some of the mess that comes with the flamboyant “salt-bae” action. With an adjustable grind, you can differentiate the size of your seasoning which compliments any dish.

Buy Now: £15.99

8) Auto Bin

This touchless bin is a must have for our household. So many germs can build up on the surface that are constantly having to touch, especially during food preparation. This touch free, sensor bin allows you to go about your business without having to pause. There are a few bins that are foot pedal assisted, these are also beneficial to your kitchen experience.

Buy Now: £48.99

Buy Now: £44.99

9) Auto air freshener

Food smells lingering in your kitchen? These automatic air fresheners can be an ultimate life saver. Providing your choice of intense aroma for up to 45 days. It sleek and discrete exterior means that it is suitable for any kitchen. We love the idea that you can choose a scent that suits your personality, the season or just a complimentary fragrance for your kitchen.

Buy Now: £9.00

10) Dish scrubber

Annoyed by the phrase, “put your back into it” or it’s all about the “elbow grease”. We have your solution. This battery powered dish brush, cuts through oil and dirt with ease. With detachable parts, the heads can go into the dishwasher making the cleaning process even easier. Offices just below £20, this handy little scrubber is a must have in our kitchen.

Buy Now: £19.99

Our Verdict

Everyone has that one task in their kitchen that they resent doing. Hopefully this blog has opened your eyes to the possibility that some of the kitchen chores can be made a lot easier with a thanks to technology.

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