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The Best Hot Water Dispensers (2020)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Kettles are an amazing invention, but they take so long to boil and are becoming outdated. Instant hot water dispensers allow consumers to have boiled water on tap (literally!) and save so much time. Consumers can even create more cups than traditional kettles. Generally speaking, there are two types of hot water dispensers, the first is through a tap (which is built into your kitchen) and the other is through a free standing appliance (a bit like a coffee machine).

Free Standing

1) Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water

This powerful 2600w hot water dispenser from Cooks Professional really is revolutionary. The stylish design coupled with the large 2.5l capacity enables a very capable machine for many brews to be made! Boiling takes a couple of seconds, which helps save so much time, and refilling the dispenser is super easy. Overall, a well designed product with top quality hardware.

Buy Now: £54.99

2) Breville HotCup Dispenser

Another fantastic product from Breville. The HotCup has a slightly smaller dispenser capacity at 1.5L, but a more powerful unit of 3000w. We found the boiling to be slightly longer than the previous product, and less stylish, however, a lot cheaper.

Buy Now: £32.00

3) Jack Stonehouse Compact Instant Hot Water

If you prefer something more classy and stylish which would fit into your kitchen, then perhaps this product is for you. Jack Stonehouse have created a massive 4L hot water dispenser unit, which has amazing functionality. Firstly, the tank allows customisation of the water quantity (100ml, 200ml, 300ml etc). Secondly, the product allows desired temperatures to be selected (eg 75 degrees) which is perfect for those who have different types of tea. Finally, the product allows a childlock to be implemented.

Buy Now: £79.99

4) VonShef Hot Water Dispenser

VonShef is a great brand, and we love all their appliances. They brand instils luxury and stylish designs at affordable prices, which is exactly what their instant hot water dispenser does. Their strong 2600W allows rapid heating, with a medium-large tank size of 2.2L. The glossy black and stainless steel finish really sits this product above competitors.

Buy Now: £59.99

5) Klarstein Hot Water Dispenser

Want something bigger for an office? Want a modern and white appearance? Introducing, Klarsteins Hot Spring Water Dispenser. This specific models has a capacity of 5L, allowing roughly 20 cups of tea to be made from one heating.

Buy Now: £9.99

Built In Tap

1) Qettle 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

If you are a very frequent tea drinker but don't want a clunky appliance in your kitchen, then a hot tap will be for you. Despite the cost, this tap allows instant hot water, filtered cold, mains hot and mains cold. This product comes in 3 options (2L, 4L and 7L) and has a built in water filter system which flashes via the LED when its time to change. The product boasts a 3p a day cost (a kettle is about 3p per boil!), however, does have to be installed professionally.

Buy Now: £505

2) Insinkerator 3573 Instant Hot Water Tap

A slightly cheaper hot tap, yet still extremely powerful. This kit comes with a curved chrome tip, and a filter, allowing for safe filtered drinking water. At 2.5L this is a medium sized product, but does refill and reheat quickly, meaning you can pretty much enjoy unlimited hot drinks.

Buy Now: £249.99

3) Casart 220V Electric Hot Tap

This clever hot water tap allows instant boiling as the water passes through the nozzle, meaning no storage tank is required. This product, despite being under £60, still has an LED control, hot and cold water released and safety features to prevent tripping. We did find the product to be quite cheap though, but great value for money.

Buy Now: £58.95

4) Pudin Electric Instant Heater

This product, like before, removes the issue of a storage tank, and allows instant hot water by heating the mains through the faucet. The product itself is designed beautifully, with a super powerful 3000w heater. However, this product only goes up to 60 degrees, so is more of a washing up tap, rather than hot drink tap. Nevertheless, this is perfect for those with only cold water supply or those who want more control (to the exact degree) over their washing up temperature.

Buy Now: £66.99

5) Bristan GLL RAPSNK3c Gallery

Another fantastic hot water tap is from Bristan, which is very similar to others. The tank has a capacity of 2.3 litres (about 6 cups of tea), with 7 different temperature options. The best thing about this tap is that the swivel spot always remains cold, with any residual water dripping back into the reservoir (preventing limescale and rust)

Buy Now: £444.76

Our Verdict

Different kitchens require different products. Those that enjoy lots of tea and regularly host, may well want to opt for a hot water tap. If so, our favourite listed today is Qettle's 4-in-1. However, for those that perhaps want to save some money but still enjoy the luxury of instant hot water, then we would suggest VonShef's Hot Water Dispenser.

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