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15 Amazing Handmade Personalised Gifts for the Kitchen

Personalised items can sometimes be overlooked by consumers, who automatically jump to big brands, but they shouldn't always do this. Personalised products can add personality and fun to a kitchen. Which is why we decided to write this post, because we love personalised products. All of these products are handmade too, which means you'll directly be supporting an individual, not a big company.

1) Personalised Kids Baker Set

First, we have this really cute children's starter pack for baking made by Rocket and Fox. Included in the pack is a rolling pin, spatula, pastry brush, spoon and cutting board and a ribbon. Each item (except the pastry brush) can be personalised, making this gift extra cute! Perfect for a gift, or just to excite your children into the world of baking.

2) Personalised "New Home" Wooden Chopping Board

Next up we have this fantastic chopping board which is engraved with "new home". Whether you've just bought your first home, or seeing your kids buy theirs, this is a perfect gift which adds personality and fun to the kitchen. This board from Unique Gift Workshop is made from an eco-friendly material, Hevea Hardwork. Why buy a boring board when you can buy this one! Just be careful to not put this in the dishwasher.

Buy Now: £14.99

3) Personalised Pint Beer Tankard Glass

For those beer drinkers, this product is right up your street! This product from Dust and Things allows beer drinkers to enjoy their own cup! No more sharing or stealing with this product. This product makes a perfect gift such as fathers day or birthdays and all three lines can be personalised.

Buy Now: £25.00

4) Personalised Apron

Following on from the baking theme, we have this amazing personalised cooking apron from Rocket and Fox (again). We really love this gift, the quality of the apron is amazing and can be personalised in different colours too! Whether you're a pro cooker, or an amateur, this is perfect for anyone.

Buy Now: £25.95

5) Personalised Children's Rocket Lunch Box

Why not treat your son to an awesome rocket lunch box for school! This personalised lunch box will prevent lunches being lost, stollen or swapped. We love the design, as well as the durable quality. Note, handwash only though!

Buy Now: £12.99

6) Boys Dinosaur Lunch Bag

Need a place to store your lunches for school trips or days out? Look no further. This dinosaur bag is perfect for that. The lunch box comes in a variety of colours and any name can be placed onto the box.

Buy Now: £14.99

7) Customisable 2 litre Kilner Jars (Tea, Sugar, Coffee)

For within the kitchen, why not use these Mrs Hinch inspired kitchen jars to store tea, sugar and coffee. They come in a variety of colours so it will fit in any kitchen, but we particular love the grey! A really cute font too!

Buy Now: £19.95

8) Solid Oak Half Dozen Egg Tray

This product from Honeysuckle Barn is an essential to any household! Eggs are needed for everything, whether it be baking, or making omelettes. Why not store your eggs in this beautiful solid oak tray which can be personalised too! Add your name, your house name, or even something funny!

Buy Now: £25.00

9) Personalised Wooden Bottle Opener

Another one for the lads, these personalised wooden bottle openers are awesome. Perfect for summer BBQ's, gifts or presents! Beecreative Gifts use this as a teachers present, but you can use it for whatever you want!

Buy Now: £6.99

10) Bowl Set

We found these bowl sets and instantly loved them. They're made by Wood and Mood and can be customised in terms of essence of wood or engraving. This product comes with a large salad bowl and 2 portion bowls, which are created by hand! A unique but stunning product.

Buy Now: £61.00

11) Personalised Gin Glass

Another product from Dust and Things, this beautiful and awesome personalised gin glass. The shape complements botanicals and gin flavours, and feels nice in the hand. Why not treat your Mum to a personalised gin glass. The box is packaged with lots of bubble wrap too, so don't worry about it breaking!

Buy Now: £19.99

12) Personalised Beer Bucket

What an awesome design and product this is from Jonny's Sister. Having an outdoor BBQ gathering? Why not use this large bucket to cool your drinks down, and have it personalised too! No one will steal your drinks now!

Buy Now: £38.00

13) Personalised Bamboo Pet Bowl Holder

For those pet lovers, they cant be missed out too! Why not treat them to this lovely natural bamboo feeding bowl holder. The bowls are also included, which is really nice of Treat Republic.

Buy now: £29.99

14) Personalised Cleaning Spray Bottle

Another Mrs Hinch inspired product, a personalised cleaning spray bottle from RIVA gifts. Why not add your family name, or children's name onto the bottle? Or even name up your bottles with the products used. Make your cleaning fun and get this quirky bottle.

Buy Now: £12.00

15) Personalised Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A love island inspired product, from Belvedere Collections. Are you a frequent drinker on the go, in the office or on days out? Treat yourself to this awesome double wall vacuum flask. Holding 500ml, this will keep your drink cold (or hot) for hours!

Buy Now: £15.00

Our Verdict

We really love personalised gifts as they add personality and fun to products. We also love the idea that we're contributing to individual sellers and not big companies, something we should all do. We hope this post has inspired or even helped you with a purchase. Feel free to send us photos your personalised gifts to our social media platforms or email!

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