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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

SMEG is a world renowned brand for a variety of kitchen appliances. We absolutely love the timeless design that is put into every different appliance. It embellishes retro designs to keep your kitchen current. Unlike many other brands, SMEG focuses on personalisation, there are many different colours to suit every kitchen. We understand SMEG is a rather luxury brand that comes with quite a price tag too, but its top quality materials and guarantee will make is last a life time.


Everyone loves a brew, and I am sure you click on your kettle multiple times a day. Thats why it is important to invest in a top quality product that is going to last. This kettle has a larger than most capacity at 1.7Litres, perfect for entertaining. At 3000w this kettle boils in no time. The one this we really love about this kettle though is the removable and washable limescale filter- no more buying a new kettle because of the limescale build up, just simple remove and wash.

Buy now: £124.95


This retro toaster would sit perfectly with the matching kettle and other appliances. It is engineered to have extra wide slots, to enable even cooking of bagel as well as thick tiger loaf. With six varying growing levels you can customise your carbs to your desired taste. We also love that this toaster has separate defrosting and reheating functions, so you can toast straight from frozen.

Buy now: £129.00

Coffee machines

SMEG have a variety of different coffee machines that are available, so we have decided to review them all.

First, the SMEG drip coffee machine, this is ideal for those who require an instant coffee anytime of the day. It can produce unto ten coffees a time, meaning it is ideal for when you are entertaining. You can cater the intensity of the coffee to your preferred depth and aroma, and you can also set a timer so that you coffee will be hot and waiting for you in the morning.

Buy now: £178.95

Second, SMEGs traditional pump espresso machine. If you are looking for the true barista experience, similar to what you experience on the high street, than this is the machine for you. With just a click of a button you can chose between one cup, two or steam. We love that this machine has an integrated milk steamer, so you dont have to purchase a milk frother on the side. Now time to get practising that Latte art.

Buy now: £299.99

Third and finally, SMEG has produced a matching milk frother to go with all your other appliances. With six controllable settings and 500ml capacity, you'll be able to impress all of your guests. We love the fact that the stainless steel jug is removable to make for easy cleaning.

Buy now: £245.95

Hand blender

This appliance is definitely the most versatile of the SMEG range and one we would definetly recommend investing in. With many different attachments, including chopper, whisk, beaker, blender and potato masher, this handy appliance will be at your beck and call with every meal. With the attachment being separate from the electrical hardware, this appliance is even easier to clean.

Buy now: £129.49


If you are a person that just loves their freshly squeezed juice at a restaurant, than why not bring that experience into your own home. This juicer comes with all the advanced technology to remove the required nutrients from your favourite citrus fruit and into your morning tumbler. It is fully autonomous, so you can enjoy your beverage with minimal effort.

Buy now: £122.00


Everyone needs a blender in their kitchen arsenal whether that is to whip up a favourite fruit smoothie or a rich decadent chocolate shake. We really love the SMEG blender not just because of its timeless 1950s retro design but its practicality and size. It is able to blend up to 1.5L of your favourite ingredients, and its tough blade shave no problem blending ice, nuts or even frozen veg.

Buy now: £179.00

Stand mixer

If you are an avid baker like myself then you know it is worth investing in a top quality stand mixer. With a large bowl capacity of 4.8L this machine is perfect for the whole family to use. It is accompanied by a wire whisk, flat beater, dough hook, so you can create a full range of recipes and delicious home bakes.

Buy now: £449.00

Our verdict

As you can see SMEG have a variety of surface top appliances that are just aesthetically beautiful we could imagine them all sitting beautifully in our home. They are a well established brand and most of their products come with guarentees as an added bonus. We love the luxury that the 50s retro style will add to anyone kitchen.

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