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L'or is a well renowned coffee brand that was curated in France in 1992. Since then it has dominated our supermarkets to become a beloved brand amongst a portion of society. It os known for its balance in depth and smooth flavours. L'or harvest their Arabica beans twice a year, once in the northern hemisphere between the months of September to December and once in the southern hemisphere between April to August, this makes there coffee as fresh as possible as well as sustainable. We are really impressed by this brand and as a result have created this blog on everything L'or.

Instant coffee

Buy now (Amazon): £18.00


If you drink an espresso every morning I dont think you can go wrong with punching this Nespresso compatible pods. L'or working with Nespresso have created a variety of different intensity pods. Ranging from 1-13 on the intensity scale, this bundle provides you with one of each from their range. You get to experience a flavour of all their different varieties. We love that in this bundle hey have also included the decaffeinated option for those that would prefer a cappuccino for a night cap.

Buying in bulk can really help save the pennies, for example this pack would make each for coffee just £0.31 each.

Buy now (Amazon): £24.72


L'or have partnered with Tassimo to bring even more diversity to your home barista. Unlike the Nespresso range above, Tassimo have a much larger range of drinks including caramel lattes as well as decaffeinated espressos. We would recommend the Tassimo range if you have a variety of coffee drinkers in your household, it is much quicker to get your desired coffee. This is because, depending on the coffee, Tassimo comes with compatible milk pods that allows you to create to perfect macchiato without the fuss. If you are more of a neat espresso drinker, we would recommend the Nespresso compatible pods.

Depending on which pod type you go for, the price varies. However they generally vary from £0.22-£0.28 per coffee.

Buy now (Amazon): £17.75


L'or have curated their very own coffee machine. If you are a fan of their fine tasting coffee, then this coffee machine will not disappoint. It is made from top quality materials and is simple to use, just three easy settings that unleashes your favourite coffee. You can produce espressos, ristrettos, and lungos at just a click of a button. This machine has a large capacity and with ease serves up to 25 coffees each day.

Buy now (Amazon): £95.90

Our Verdict

L'or have definitely made themsleves aware in the luxury but affordable category of coffee. If you haven't tried out their products we would 100% recommend that you give them a go. Happy Friday everyone, and enjoy your weekend.

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