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Top 3: Essential Kitchen Gadgets for under £25 (April 2020)

Updated: May 8, 2020

Kitchen gadgets are an ever-increasing category within anyones kitchen set and its often difficult to keep up. Therefore, we created a shortlist of what, we think, are essential kitchen items which are under £25.

1) KOI Artisan: Wine Decanter & Aerator (£22.99)

a person pouring red win through an areator into a wine glass

For all you oenophiles who love freshly decanted wine, this is your one-stop-shop product!

This product uses three different intakes to aerate your wine as you pour, reducing the need to decant the wine for hours before. In doing so, air softens the tannins to enhance the taste of the wine.

This product is well built, with no leaks and includes a free bottle stopper. Why not buy it now, and drink tomorrow!.

2) Bibetter: Apple Slicer (£6.99)

apple slicer product which creates 12 even slices

Not quite an essential as the previous, but this is a very handy gadget. This exact product allows an apple to be perfectly sliced into 12 equal slices, whilst removing the core. As simple as it is, this saves a lot of time and is safer!

This dishwasher safer product comes in 2 colours (red or green) and the best thing is, it's only £6.99!

3) Masterpan: Full English Fry up Pan (£24.49)

big frying pan with dividers and sections, allowing a fry up breakfast to be cooked easily

Continuing on from the convenience theme, this certainly is a fantastic gadget. This simple, yet clever, frying pan allows a full English fry up to be cooked with ease!

As the picture shows, this frying pan allows multiple items to be cooked at once, with the dividers creating sections. The frying pan works on gas cookers, and allows an equal heat spread.

Overall, a great build quality, which is dishwasher safe.

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