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Dry January alternatives 2021

We know that new year new me can be tough, we are here to take the weight off your shoulders. If you started dry January feeling hopeful that you'll easily get to the end of the month but just realised it hasn't even been a week...


Gin is very popular so giving it up after such a boozy festive period could be more difficult than you imagine, there are many out there but our personal favourite is the Siegfried Wonderleaf which is a non-alcoholic alternative to their dry gin. It is vegan, sugar free and low in calories too, almost like it was made for January.

Buy now: £16.90


Lots of younger people want to hop onboard dry January too, and with vodka being the chosen university drink switching over to Stryyk Not Vodka may keep your dry January secret. Impose the impression you are drinking alcohol with this striking bottle and its remarkably alcoholic tasting insides, without doing the damage to your liver.

Buy now: £18.00


On the rocks or mixed with a cola? This American malt whiskey impersonator will blow your mind with its versatility. Unlike many alcoholic whiskeys, this doesn't leave a burning sensation at the back of your throat, but it does embarrass your tastebuds when they realise its not the real deal.

Buy now: £22.45


This brands literary genius twist is not the only something they handled well. It may be an odd idea to shot non-alcoholic tequila, but once you get a taste for this mimicking spirit you won't want it any other way.

Buy now: £22.99


Aperol spritz may be a traditional summer drink, but we can appreciate some may like them all year around, and two that dry January may just be the start to your non-alcoholic transformation. With this drink you could fool everyone with its rich aromas and colour that are nearly identical to the original.

Buy now: £22.45


Now there isn't a non-alcoholic alternative out there yet for a cream liqueur like Baileys, but if you are like us in the winter months and crave something to quench that desire, Kenco has partnered up with Baileys to make a coffee version. There is 100% zero alcohol in these sachets and they have flavour essence of the real deal. Get your caffeine kick and your alcoholic desires in one sitting or on the go.

Buy now: £7.50


Are you looking for a nutty, bitter and tangy non-alcoholic alternative, then Lyre's Amaretti is the spirit for you, it takes just like the real deal. Enjoy it as part of a mixed drink or cocktail or even by itself.

Buy now: £22.45

Blue Curaçao

Blue curaçao is a very popular flavour in a variety of cocktails, if you are looking for the alcohol free replacement than this Monin syrup is right up your alley. Later on in the blog we explore a few more Monin cocktail appropriate syrups.

Buy now: £10.89


Everyone loves a few bubbles, and dry January isn't going to stop us being joyful and cracking open the fizz. This exceptional alternative from Scavi&Ray has everything an alcoholic version has to offer minus the alcohol. Its sweet fruity flavour and sparkling dry tones are the perfect combination for any occasion.

Buy now: £8.99

Sparkling Rose

Looking for a gift for someone or perhaps just something to pop open at a celebration this dry January? Belle & co have recreated a sparkling Rose without the alcoholic contents. Unlike some of its competitors, this beverage has the perfect balance between sweet and crisp, to give you the feel that you are drinking authentic pink champagne.

Buy now: £5.04

White Wine

White wines are known to compliment the lighter meals like fish and salads, if you are looking for an alternative to your alcoholic chardonnay than Ariel has an outstanding contender. With the aromas and colour being similar to your usual white wine, no one will suspect a thing.

Buy now: £10.78

Red Wine

Nothing beats a night in with some cheese and red wine on the agenda. With it being dry January perhaps you want to switch up your usual red for this deep rich zero alcohol alternative. This wine is suitable for vegetarians, but its beautiful taste is known to compliment beef and lamb exquisitely.

Buy now: £10.78


Sometimes non-alcoholic cocktails dont quite pack the same punch as the original alcoholic manners, these Monin syrups will help change that. Passionfruit martinis or mojitos, the power is in your hand. Monin is a top quality brand and is renowned for producing fantastic syrups to accompany coffees and cocktails, we think this set could also be easily gifted.

Buy now: £17.99


Popping to a friends or a party but you worry there won't be any nice non-alcoholic beverages other than the mixers? Then take a pack of this sophisticated canned drinks in your bag. Seedlip is a fantastic company that has a plethora of non-alcoholic beverages that you can try.

Buy now: £33.00


It is probably the most popular alcoholic drink ever, grabbing a cold beer to watch the Sunday football is probably the most common tradition in family households. There are many top brands that have their own line of non-alcoholic beers on the market:

Buy now: £34.99

Buy now: £18.00

Buy now: £12.00

Our Verdict

As you can see the growth in the non-alcoholic product have grown exponentially in the last decades. We hope this blog has opened your eyes and helped you on your way to serving dry January.

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