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Double-walled glasses are they just a fad?

Updated: May 9, 2021

We have noticed a huge spike of interest for the double-walled coffee cups and henceforth decided to delve a little deeper into where double walled glasses originated from and where you can purchase them.

So, double-walled glasses are not only aesthetically pleasing and the talk of the town but they serve a very particular purpose. That is to keep the beverage at the desired temperature. Double-walled glasses can provide this function due to the vacuum that is installed within their structure. There have been many experiments carried out to prove that vacuums are they most efficient insulator, and therefore will provide the best chance for the drink to maintain its original temperature.

Double-walled glasses are an elegant way of serving iced drinks as they appear to float in mid-air inside the glass and no condensation forms on the outside. Similarly with hot drinks, all the satisfaction of a floating drink without burning your fingertips.

This isn't a new creation in fact they work similarly to Thermos flasks, which too are driven by vacuum technology. So why are we only just hearing about them? Our best guess is, with more people creating their own barista space at home, and with everyone having more time to browse their options, double-walled glasses have risen to everyones attention.

Here, we have picked out a range of different glasses for you:

This brand is called Judge, they have curated these beautifully hand crafted cappuccino glasses that are not just stunning but also durable, resistant to 100 degrees and dishwasher safe. another added bonus is that they come with a ten year guarantee.

Another of Judges' products have made into our must have list. This glass would be fantastic for both hot or cold drinks. It has a capacity of 330ml so would be suitable for a varying amount of drinks. This product also comes with the benefits of the previously aforementioned Judge product including the ten year guarantee.

Another renowned brand in the double-walled glass industry is Glastal. They are hand blown using crystal glass, making them a little bit more fragile than the Judge glasses above. These glasses have an 18 month warranty and come beautifully gift packaged.

Glastal have also produced this wonderfully elegant espresso cups, perfect for your morning caffeine hit. In comparison with some other double-walled glass espresso cups, Glastal decided to make their glasses slightly larger so that you can comfortably fit in double shots with room to spare.

If you are in search of a little more quirk for your kitchen cabinet, then look no further. These ZENS octagonal glasses are really top notch. Although they can be used for both hot and cold drinks, we believe a cocktail served up in this glass would really impress your guests. This is the largest of the glasses we have picked out, at 400ml.

Our Verdict

The double walled glasses are tried and true, and we absolutely love them. We hope we have given you a flavour to the benefits to these glasses and potentially you have fallen for them too. To conclude, they are definitely not a fad and we cant wait for you to share your experiences with us!

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