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Best Way to Keep your Fruit and Veg Fresh

The average household will annually save about £250 if they were able to prevent food wastage and utilise what they already have in the cupboard to a better standard. Food wastage does not only eat away at your savings but it is generally a big inconvenience. It has been noted that during the UK lockdown that consumers are increasingly utilising their fresh produce better and keeping an eye on the best before dates. As the word slowly returns back to normal we want to keep this trend going, and reduce the amount of wastage per household, so here are few tips and tricks to help.

Step 1: Be vigilant in the Supermarket

Do not be scared to look at the back of the shelves before purchasing some of your fresh produce. Making a rough meal plan of the week ahead will help you reduce your spending and only allow you to buy the fresh produce necessary for the week ahead. Having a vague idea of what you are eating when also helps organise the sell-by dates.

Step 2: Prep

If you have bought a multi pack of vegetables and would like them to last till the end of the week, think about prepping and storing them in different ways. For example, chop of onions put them into a freezer zip-tie bag and freeze them until you need them. Most green vegetables, like broccoli require the blanching process before freezing them.

Step 3: Store them appropriately

We recommend looking at the packaging on your fruit and vegetables before you automatically store them on the side or in the fridge. Here are just a few:

- Berries, best stored in the refrigerator

- Bananas, best stored in the refrigerator once yellow (ripe)

- Apples, best stored in a paper bag in the fridge drawer

- Potatoes, best store in a well ventilated dark dry place

Step 4: Invest in some gadgets to help

Freezer/ Refrigerator Bags

In modern times, we are desperately trying to reduce the amount of single plastic we use, and hence clingfilm and plastic sandwich bags are out of the window. Not only are you making a conscious environmentally friendly choice when you purchase these bags, but you will also be saving yourself money in the long term. These bags are much more useful than the conventional plastic ones, as they are able to be sealed and become leakproof. It is the sealing capabilities that is the main factor affecting the longevity of your fresh produce.

Buy now: £11.99

Food preserver storage pots

JOIE is our favourite brand when it comes to fun gadgets that will help improve the life of your fruits and veggies, once you have used them you won't believe you survived without them. Do not be distracted by the flair and fun in their products, it is the function that we need to focus on. Their product ethos is concentrated around the aspect that you may not use a whole onion, avocado, lemon or lime in one sitting, and hence you would like to store the rest for as long as possible. Here are some of the amazing products that are available in their range:

Buy now: Approx £5.00 each

Ethylene Absorbers

Bit of a random product and one we had not come across until researching into how to prevent food wastage, but they are proven to work and be effective for up to 3 months each. The small discs should be located next to you fresh goodies, whether that is in the fruit bowl or in your crisper drawer in the fridge. Ethylene gas is an invisible enemy when it comes down to the fight of keeping your produce fresh. Although it is natural that fruit and veg emit ethylene gas when ripening, they get into a viscous circle as its presence makes it ripen even quicker, these small absorbent discs aim to prevent that. The pack has 3 discs, so 9 months protection.

Buy now: £6.89

Our Verdict

Hopefully this blog has served as an educational experience adding to your knowledge of what causes the rotting of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as techniques to prevent it and prolong how long you can store them for. Going into the week ahead, try a few of our methods and see if it helps you, we would love to hear your stories.

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