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Best Washing up Brushes for all Categories

Washing is a chore that no one truly enjoys, but everyone has to do their fair share. Most people determine the cleanliness of their dishes purely on the washing up liquid or detergent they use, although it may be a contributing factor to gleaming cutlery, almost forgotten is the device you use to scrub them. We have decided to dedicate this blog post to the unappreciated washing up aids.

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1) Best Basic Brush - Addis

If you are just looking for a regular dish brush that is effective and longer lasting than your supermakert basic this Addis Bruch is for you. It is definitely not basic, in fact it is highly reviewed for its sturdy structure and quality materials, unlike other similar brushes this one will last you a long time. A great perk of this brush is that you can just pop it in the dishwasher and it feels brand new again. When you are buying a dish brush, you are met with thousands of choices, all of slightly different shapes and colours, this brush takes the stress away from determining which one will be the best for you. Its bristled head is universal and works on a variety of dishes, regardless of their awkward shapes.

addis scrubbing brush for kitchen cleaning

Buy Now (Amazon): £4.50

2) Best Soap Dispensing Brush - OXO

Perhaps pouring a bit of soap on the dish before scrubbing seems like too much work and you want soap on demand, then this integrated soap dispensing brush is high up your street. Is clever design not only saves time but also helps reduce the usage of washing up liquid, and therefore you only use what you really need to. Just because it has an added benefit, it doesn't mean something else has been compromised, it is still a very durable brush, with thick nylon bristles and a built in scraper for those more difficult to remove residues. OXO also sell replaceable heads for this product, so you can continue to use this product for years to come,

soap dispensing brush oxo amazon

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.99

3) Best Sponge - Mr Siga

Some people dont like cleaning dishes with sponges because your hands are guaranteed to get dirty, but if you are like myself, I feel like I have more control over the result of the dishes when scrubbing them with a sponge. These MR. SIGA sponges come in a pack of six, which provides you with 3 sponge surface varieties suitable for countless surfaces. You can wash these sponges in the washing machine with your other clothes to return them to their fresh state. They are known to be super durable, unlike some other dish sponges they hold structurally and dont flake apart in your hands.

mr siga scrubbing sponges

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.50

4) Best Scourer - Spontex

It's understandable that some people are sceptical about whether there should even be a scourer in the kitchen, but when it comes to scrubbing the Sunday roast trays you will be thankful you have one. They can be a little rough on surface, so I would recommend not using them on non-stick pans as its likely it'll remove that non-stick lacquer. These sort of scourer are perfect for stubborn areas such as barbecue grills, we would just say be careful as they are made from stainless steel and can cut you if you try to pull them apart. This is great value for money for a large pack of six, if you find that they are too big , simply use scissors to cut them into more manageable handfuls.

spandex amazon stainless steel scourers kitchen cleaning

Buy Now (Amazon): £5.99

5) Best Scrubbing Gloves - Magic Sak

Perhaps you don't like the idea of using a brush, and we completely understand. One of the best solutions is to wear kitchen cleaning gloves that are brushes! Who'd have thought. These products are great for washing up the dishes, they make the process effortless, and do a great job. They're made from silicone so can handle high temperatures, and the bristles really do froth up the washing up liquid, making a really deep clean.

magic sad silicone washing up gloves

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.99

6) Best Bottle Brush - Addis

Washing up bottles is definitely a challenge on the best of days, and swishing a bit of warm soapy water around will not remove all those germs, so we recommend purchasing a bottle brush to help. This particular product from Addis (a great kitchen cleaning brand by the way!) attempts to solve this problem, and does it very well. The 360-degree bristles mean every side is sparkly clean.

bottle brush for cleaning from Addis

Buy Now (Amazon): £2.61

7) Best Eco Brush

It is an unfortunate fact that these helpful dish scrubbing aids will end up in a landfill somewhere, perhaps you want to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we expel each year but do not want to compromise on quality and efficiency.

bamboo eco-friendly brush for kitchen cleaning

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

8) Best Electric

For the most stubborn of dirt, we suggest using an electric brush. The advantage is that you've now outsourced your elbow grease to a little machine, meaning the washing is easier. We really love using this brush on baking trays - the thick rotating bristles agitate all dirt and clean it effortlessly. And don't worry, this product is fully waterproof, so you won't get any issues with water. This product runs on 4 double A (AA) batteries, and lasts weeks.

black and decker electric kitchen cleaning brush

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.99

Our Verdict

We hope this blog showed a wide variety of brushes, which you may or may not have known even existed. What's important to remember is that each brush will have different use cases. For example, you wouldn't use a scourer on the dishes! Overall though, for general dishes, we think the OXO soap dispensing brush is the best, it really does revolutionise and speed up how you clean your dishes!

Happy cleaning! 🧼

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