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Best Washing Up Bowls for all Categories

Washing up bowls are a staple for any household, whether it be for cleaning up the dishes, cleaning the windows, or using it to carry water. Investing in a good quality bowl is really important, otherwise you risk breaking, splitting or not being very practical - as they say, buy cheap buy twice. This review uncovers some of our favourite bowls which range from budget, portable, and luxury.

(Image Credit: Amazon - Addis)

1) Addis Eco - The Best Budget

Addis are known for being the leader in washing up bowls in the UK, especially on Amazon. They dominate the sales, reviews and we can really see why. Simply put, they're built with quality and even better, this one is made from recycled plastic, so its eco-friendly!

Buy Now (Amazon): £2.50

2) Addis - The Best Round

Again, a great brand which is renowned for making their washing up bowls. This one, however, is circular and not square. We added this one because some have different shapes sinks, or even different uses. We, for example, used this one for the car and windows. In summary, cheap and pratical.

Buy Now (Amazon): £3.95

3) Kleeneze - The Best Portable

One of the latest trends at the moment with product is being portable. Portability is so important for saving space in your cupboards. We've found that the biggest downside to washing up bowls is the fact that you have to then store them somewhere, and they are usually quite big and awkward to store - we end up storing products inside the bowl inside the cupboard. The solution: Kleeneze folding washing up bowl.

This product is made from plastic, so it's not the best on the environment, but it does last a long time. The actual bowl can hold a lot of water (probably one of the biggest we tested, 15+ litres) and has feet meaning it doesn't slip.

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.60

4) Joseph Joseph - The Best Luxury

We are massive fans of Joseph Joseph here, and for good reasons! We always think they'll struggle to 'innovate' really simple products, but they've proved us wrong yet again. Arguably the most simple product in the kitchen, the washing bowl, Joseph Joseph have managed to improve it. This product comes in a variety of colours.

We love the fact that this product has a drain, meaning you don't need to pick up your bowl and tip it out. This is good for two reasons, the first is that you can empty out the dirt that sits on the bottom, and refill (whereas a conventional bowl you'd have to completely empty). And the second is that the drain can allow a slow release of water, meaning you sink isn't overwhelmed with 10+ litres of dirty water. The downside to that though, is you have to put your hand in the dirty water to release, but I'm sure you have washing up gloves on anyway. However, it prevents dirt from going down your drain, so you can be sure you'll never block your pipes / drains.

Buy Now (Amazon): £31.99

5) CleakPEAK - The Best Starter Kit

Perhaps you're just moving into a new place, or a university student moving away. Why not invest in this amazing package deal from CleanPEAK which has a bowl, two brushes and 3 clothes. This is the perfect kit to get started, and is all really well built. For example, one of the brushes has a suction on the end, allowing you to stand up your brush in the sink. The bowl itself can house 10litres of water, a very standard size, and comes in a beautiful charcoal grey design.

Buy Now (Amazon): £17.99

Our Verdict

Overall, this review should hopefully help guide you to making a good decision. There are many out there, but these 5 are all very good. Whether you're after something luxurious and branded, or after something cheap to use, we've got you covered!

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