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Best Toasters 2020: Perfectly Brown your Bread

Toasters are essential to any kitchen, whether it be for a lovely toasted bagel, bread or even a pop tart! Toaster can come in a variety of designs, the two-slot toaster and four-slot toaster being the ultimate fit for the domestic household. We understand with toasters are usually in-keeping with the interior design of your kitchen, we have chosen the black designs for consistency, most however, can be changed at checkout. When comparing toasters it's important that heat is quickly and uniformly, which all of these do. Its also important to note that toasters that are more expensive will last years.

Two-Slot Toaster

1) Russell Hobbs 21641

Russel Hobbs is a prominent brand in kitchen appliances, and they have done it once again. This two slice toaster is has significant power (1000W) whilst obtaining Energy Class A). This easy-to-use has a variable browning scale (1 to 5) and a defrost option too. For the price, this toaster cant be beaten - it also comes in white or grey!

Buy Now: £15.00

2) Breville VTT529 Impressions

This Breville toaster machine has a slightly bigger design and squared of design. This machine, is slightly more expensive, but for good reason. This product has a higher build quality than the previous, and more functionality. For example, a simple lift and look facility which allows you to view your toast without cancelling the cycle and a 1 to 9 heat variable setting. This product also comes in more colours (black, white, cream, rose gold, red).

Buy Now: £29.96

Four-Slot Toaster

1) De'Longhi Brilliante CTJ4003BK

If you're looking for a four-slot toaster, such as families, then this product from De'Longhi is our favourite. The toaster is very powerful, at 1.8KW, meaning all four slices are evenly cooked rapidly and efficiently. We think this product is beautifully designed (with the 3d triangular diamond effect).

Buy Now: £64.99

2) Salter EK3408BLAC

This product, is amazing value for money, given the fact that is branded (Salter) and four slices. This product offers a slightly more modern style, which perfectly toasts your bread everytime. It's sleek and modern aesthetic allows it to fit into any kitchen. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also practical, with a reheating and defrosting function.

Buy Now: £39.19

Luxury Toaster

1) Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster

This toaster is designed for heavy duty use, and would allow you to produce 65 pieces of toast per hour. Its thick slots toasts not only bread but also waffles, bagels and tea cakes. The build quality on this product is remarkable, with each Dualit toaster being handmade. The extra wide slides allow thicker breads to be used, whilst adjustable slots can accommodate sandwich cages. Overall, an expensive but very capable machine.

Buy Now: £135.93

2) Smeg TSF03BLUK Retro

Lastly, Smeg. This brand is synonymous with retro designs (50's) and luxury. The toaster has extra-wide slots to allow the thickest of bread, with 6 browning levels, automatic pop up and anti-slip feet. At 2000W this is a very powerful machine, which will rapidly but liberally cook your contents. Rest assured, this product would easily last 10 years, but comes with a 2 year warranty. Lastly, the product comes in a variety of colours, so be sure to check them out!

Buy Now: £162.00

Our Verdict

Overall, we would really recommend a four slice toaster, given the capability of these. It's perfect for those who have guests round, or families. Nothing is worse than all eating separately as you wait for the toast to pop up, or having some hot and some cold toast. Our favourite is the De'Longhi Brilliante CTJ4003BK due to its awesome design.

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