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Best Tasting and Cheapest Lavazza Coffee Pods

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Lavazza have revolutionised the pod industry making the majority of their pods are eco compatible with the compostable technology. Unlike some of the other coffee brands, Lavazza have made this a main focus recently and hasn't left it to the secondary sellers to sort, and for this we are truly impressed. Lavazza have a grading system on how intense their coffee pods are, up to and including 13/13 espresso intenso. We have chose to show you the bulk buying options, it will help you save money this 2021. There are a large range available, so we have decide to compile our top six for you to enjoy.

1) Espresso Delizioso

One of the favourites in the range is the espresso delizioso, it is a medium roast and has an intensity rating of 8. It beautiful blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and India would accompany milk preparations to create a delectable latte or cappuccino too.

- 256 capsules in the bulk buy, making each espresso just over £0.21

Buy now (Amazon): £55.00

2) Espresso Intenso

If you are a hard core coffee drinker and need something a little bit stronger to get you motivated in the mornings, we would recommend the espresso intense. As we have mentioned before it is the strongest of the Lavazza range with a maximum 13/13 rating. Its deep aromatic notes derive from beans in Brazil, India and South East Asia.

- 256 capsules in the bulk buy, making each espresso just £0.22

Buy now (Amazon): £56.96

3) Espresso Dek Comoso

If you are looking for all the flavour from Lavazza quality espresso but would like to spare the caffeine intake, than there is even an option for that, its the desk comoso range. It has a medium intense rating of 7 and its almond aromatics originate purely from 100% Arabica beans.

- 256 capsules in the bulk buy, making each espresso just £0.27

Buy now (Amazon): £68.00

4) Espresso Tierra Bio Organic

Curated by 100% washed arabica beans this bio organic espresso is one of a kind. It intensity is medium, rating 7/13 and it has been quoted that this espresso has lovely floral aromatics with an after taste of deep chocolate flavours. We think these flavours would really compliment the plant based milks, for a full organic potentially vegan cappuccino.

- 256 capsules in the bulk buy, making each espresso just £0.21

Buy now (Amazon): £54.57

5) Lungo Dolce

As you have most probably read in our previous blog, some of the Lavazza machines have the capacity to produce a larger coffee, a lungo. The lungo coffee pods are to be mixed with more water to enrich the full experience. The lungo dolce pod is only an intensity 6 so perfect for the coffee newbies. These pods are also curated with top quality arabica and robusta beans.

- 256 capsules in the bulk buy, making each espresso just £0.21

Buy now (Amazon): £54.41

6) Nespresso Lavazza coffee

If you want the Lavazza quality coffee but don't have the Lavazza machine instead you have a Nespresso, dont stress. Lavazza again are one step ahead and are able to remedy this with the Nespresso machine compatible pods. They have a large variety of different intensities that you may desire to invest in. We would recommend this 5 pack bundle, so that you have a choice when it comes down to having a brew.

Buy now (Amazon): £16.99

Our Verdict

As you can see there are many for you to choose from, we hope we have enlightened you to the variety that Lavazza have to offer. If you are working from home this year we recommended investing in a little coffee machine to make you tea break just that much better, especially whilst the Lavazza machines are at such a great price.

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