• Toby

Top 10: Best Summer 2020 Exotic Kitchen Candles

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

There is nothing worse than a kitchen smelling of cooking smells. Kitchen's are the most likely to acquire foul odours, but are so easy to eradicate. It's extremely important to have a kitchen smelling beautiful as it's usually the hub of the home and the place where we host. Generally speaking, home fragrance is categorised into: candles, plug in, oil reed diffusers, mist diffusers and sprays. Traditionally, summer consumers opt for tropical and bright smells, and if you haven't already swapped from your winter products then now is the time! This blog is going to review our favourite 2020 candles to help you decide which to purchase.

1) Yankee Candle: Pink Sands

Yankee Candle has dominated homes for years with their fabulous bottles and fragrances. This particular fragrance promotes floral and citrus notes, with a hint of vanilla. In doing so, creating a beautifully exotic aroma which fills any room. Yankee Candles are notorious for long burn life (up to 150hours) and natural fibres (which reduce smoke). One of the best advantages of Yankee candles is that the airtight lid prevents decay over time. This particular product is 621g, so it will last the whole summer!

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2) Botanica (Air Wick) Island Rose & African Geranium

Botanica, a relatively new brand by AirWick, has curated a really strong smelling summer candle. Their island rose and African geranium has beautiful notes in the candle which radiate throughout the kitchen. Botanica products are also natural and eco-friendly. This product is 205g and has a burn time of 40hours.  

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3) Octo Fennel & Grapefruit

A small company in London, Octo, has produced a lovely summer fragrance. Their Fennel and Grapefruit candle, which is hand-poured, beautifully lingers in the air with a strong distinct summer smell. This product is 500g and arrives in a stunningly designed package.

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4) Lily Flame Summer Pudding

Lily Flame has been around a long time and they know what they're doing. Their ingredients are made from the highest quality and made in Somerset (UK). This exact product has a rough burn time of about 35 hours and produces an aroma of summer fruits (strawberries and apples).

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5) Double Wick Tropical Twist

DoubleWick create fantastic candles which diffuses throughout the entire house. This specific product, Tropical Twist, emits a beautifully blended tropical fruit aroma of mango lime and pineapple, which provides an olfactory snapshot of summer cocktails. All candles are made from a luxurious thick glass. The lid is made from bamboo and the candles benefit from a 60 hour burn time.  

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