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Best Popcorn Machines for Christmas 2020

Popcorn is loved by so many, and provides a perfect snack for films. Whether you're lucky enough to have your own cinema room, or binge on Netflix in your room, popcorn is essential!

Now you might ask why invest in an expensive machine when you can buy a packet of pre-made for under £1. Well, these are littered with bad ingredients (fat, salt, sugar) which make the popcorn really unhealthy and are expensive in the long run! With your own popcorn machine, you can control these ingredients and even experiment with recipes! Popcorn machines also make a great present this year for Christmas!

This post will review our favourite machines, so you can pick the best one!

1) Popcorn Microwave Maker

On a budget? Only have popcorn once in a blue moon? This silicone popcorn bowl is ideal for making delicious popcorn, without the need for a fancy popcorn machine. All you need is a microwave and some kernels.

This product is made from great high-quality BPA free silicone, meaning it doesn't get hot. The pot is also collapsible, great for storing but also perfect for staycations, mini holidays or camping.

Buy Now (Amazon): £14.59

2) Quest 2-in-1 Popcorn and Crepe Maker

If you've got a sweet tooth like me, then you'll probably love popcorn and crepes. Why not double up and have a machine which can do both!

This popcorn maker from Quest is simple yet effective. Simple turn on, and make a pancake, or use the bowl and make popcorn! Not only that, you can actually make eggs, omelettes and many more. This machine has a non-stick coating, making cleaning really easy and fits back in your cupboard easily.

Buy Now (Amazon): £20.86

3) Salter EK2902 Electric Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Salter are a well-known kitchen brand, and are somewhat a safe purchase. This product fits exactly that criteria - simply add your kernels into the maker and any other ingredients (toffee, salt, sugar, syrup etc) and watch the popcorn come flying out!

This machine is a whopping 1200W, meaning your popcorn cooks in no time! It's really fun to watch them fly out the side too. We loved the fact that this machine came with a cup too, meaning you can easily make one portion.

Buy Now (Amazon): £25.47

4) VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker

A very similar product to the previous, but with a slightly more retro design. This machine uses hot-air, making it the healthiest way to cook. This machine, as you can see is not ideal for making a large quantity of popcorn, however it is great for small groups and for events like movie nights and sleep overs. It also has a 2 year warranty.

We love that the 6 retro popcorn boxes pictured are included in this purchase so that you can really feel like you are in the cinema.

Buy Now (Amazon): £34.99

5) Yabano Popcorn Maker

Popcorn in under five minutes and guilty free, how can you resist? This popcorn maker is one of the healthier alternatives, they recommend using only a very small amount of oil to prevent sticking but it uses convective air to heat and pop the kernels evenly.

This popcorn machine has a rather large capacity (5L) but it is less powerful (800W) than its competitors so it may take just a while longer. Another added bonus is that the top of the machine is able to be utilised as a large sharing bowl once the popcorn has popped.

Buy Now (Amazon): £49.99

6) Klarstein Volcano

If you're looking for something more professional and without being commercial, this machine finds that balance. Klarstein has created an impressive volcano machine whilst keeping to the retro 50's design. This 300w machine uses oil in a pan, so it isn't as healthy as hot air, however, this is the closest you'll get to carnival or cinema quality.

The integrated light illuminates your popcorn, whilst keeping them warm. Meaning you can have popcorn all night long! A very impressive but classy machine.

Buy Now (Amazon): £89.99

7) KuKoo Popcorn Maker

If you are looking for something more commercial, or you host a lot, then this machine is fantastic for that. KuKoo's main products are popcorn machines, so they know what they're doing. This machine is capable of producing 11.t litres of popcorn an hour. AN HOUR!. That is a very impressive amount, something even I cant eat myself.

This machine really differed from others in terms of the quality of popcorn. Any un-popped kernels fell into the 'maid drawer' meaning you never got a bad batch.

Buy Now (Amazon): £199.99

8) Royal Catering Popcorn Machine

For those that might be fortunate enough to have your own cinema room, or even want to make this a centrepiece in a movie area, this is certainly the present to gift or buy for yourself!

A serious piece of kit, capable of making the highest grade popcorn, all whilst being beautifully lit under remote-controlled LED. This powerful machine can make endless amounts of popcorn, perfect for parties and hosting.

Buy Now (Amazon): £369.00

Bonus Product:

Popping Kernels from Natural Health 4 Life. We have tried a lot of kernels and found that these popping corn's are probably one of the best. Firstly, their corns are GMO free, meaning they're the healthiest/purest they can be. Secondly, their packaging is re-sealable, meaning you don't have to eat them all in one go. Thirdly, this product is a generous size for the price. Remember, these corns expand a lot, so the product you're seeing might last you all year.

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.79

Our Verdict

Now that we have expanded your knowledge on popcorn and the many ways to create it in your own home, its up to you to make sure the movie night treats are delicious. As you have read there are lots of different price tags attached to making popcorn, we think the Salter will be most popular due to price and power, but the choice is yours.

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