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Best Kitchen Washing up Gloves for Cleaning 2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Winter is approaching, temperatures are dropping, darkness is upon us. All very depressing in the UK, and to make matters worse, another lockdown! It really is a shame, especially for those mum's (or dad's) out there that have to do all the washing up from everyone being at home. For those lucky enough to have a washing machine, you may need to stock up on tablets. But in case you run out, or prefer washing by hand, we strongly recommend using washing up gloves They protect your hands from water, temperature and even sharp objects (we've all been there, finding the knife in the sink under the bubbles!).

1) Dishwashing Silicone Gloves with Scrubber

We absolutely love these gloves, because they have an inbuilt scrubber. What seems like a simple idea, really is genius. They mean you don't actually have to use a brush, and can simply use your hands. We found these gloves great quality, and they come in 3 different colours (pink, blue, grey!).

Dishwashing silicone gloves with scrubber

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

2) Vgo Reusable Dishwashing Gloves - 10 pairs

These reusable dishing washing gloves from Vgo are really amazing. Firstly, these are one of the thickest we have tested, and can most definitely protect your hands from sharp objects. Secondly, we found these gloves really long, which meant you didn't get your elbows wet - there's nothing worse than getting water in your gloves. Thirdly, these products come in 4 different size options (small, medium, large and extra large) so they'll definitely accommodate anyone.

Vgo reusable dishwashing gloves yellow

Buy Now (Amazon): £14.98

3) Rubber Cleaning Gloves Kitchen Dishwashing Glove 3-Pairs

For those who love red, these are so cool. Definitely not a pair to get lost in the cupboards! Another great product which is super long up the arms - this product has a lovely tight fit around the top meaning you definitely won't get water down your gloves. Like others, this product comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large).

rubber cleaning gloves red

Buy Now (Amazon): £11.99

4) Solimo Kitchen Gloves

In case you didn't know, Solimo is Amazon's own brand. Don't let that put you off, in fact, it should do the opposite as all their products are amazing value for money! These gloves are super elastic, and we found them quite hard to split or break. If they do, however, you have 5 pairs in a pack.

Solimo kitchen washing gloves Amazon

Buy Now (Amazon): £11.79

5) Marigold Outdoor Gardening Gloves

I know this product is designed for gardening, but who says you can't use them for washing up? Trust me, these are so thick you will never get cut or hurt from these. These gloves are great for washing up and look great in black too!

outdoor gardening gloves marigolds black

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.39

Our Verdict

Overall, it's hard to choose. Like with anything, it depends on your budget and usage. If you're looking for something that is convenient, then we strongly recommend the Silicone Gloves with Scrubber. But, if you're looking for something more usual, then we would recommend the super thick gardening gloves, as weird as it sounds! Keep safe, especially during another lockdown.

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