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Best Kitchen Drying / Tea Towels for all Different Uses

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Kitchen drying towels are perfect for quickly drying your hands, your washing up, or even wiping down the surface quickly. When it comes to drying, the towel can make all the difference, believe it or not. We've tested a fair few, from the cheap ones at B&M to the expensive ones from John Lewis, and we understand that there are so many on the market, all at different prices and different qualities. This review will show you our favourite 5 drying towels, one for each scenario.

(Image Credit: Amazon - Gyeer)

1) The Best Absorbent

These towers from Gryeer are made from Microfibre, and they really are effective when it comes to absorbing all those water particles. One thing we found is that these feel really luxurious, despite being really well priced. They didn't leave bits on the cups / plates and didn't shrink or fade in the washing machine either. Talking of size, these are pretty large (45cm by 65cm).

Overall, a fantastic purchase. Product is available in many different colours (ranging from purple, light blue all the way to yellow). Also, available on Prime!

Buy Now (Amazon): £13.99

2) The Best All-Rounder

These towels really are amazing at pretty much anything. They're made from 100% cotton, and have amazing weave designs on the towels making them really nice to handle. These towels are standard size (45cm by 65cm) and come in three amazing designs. We found these towels to last the longest too, with basically no signs of wear and tear - after each wash, they look brand new! Sadly they don't come in any other colours, but grey is in, right!

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

3) The Best Environmentally Friendly

These kitchen towels from Quick Cleaning Supplies are really thick, which is perfect for cleaning. What sets this product out from competitors is their eco background. All clothes are made from natural fibres, with no harmful chemicals or dyes, and the factory is officially zero-emissions. We also loved the fact that this product had a fabric hook inside, meaning you can hang it up to dry easily.

Overall, a great eco-product where quality doesn't suffer.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

4) The Best Luxury

When we say luxury, you might think expensive. But actually, we've found some tea towels which are luxury but amazing value for money. These tea towels from Harringdons are absolutely amazing. These very large towels (50cm by 70cm) are 100% cotton, with the classic herringbone weave down the side. Each order comes as a set of 12 and can be chosen as an assortment or individual colours. One thing which we really love about these towels is that they're very similar to restaurant ones on the table, or the ones which hold bread rolls. They really can be used for so much.

Overall, a very neutral tea towel, which can fit any kitchen.

Buy Now (Amazon): £16.99

5) Best Handmade

Amazon has recently opened up their handmade category and allowed local small businesses to promote their crafted items - this is great to support local businesses. By far our favourite we've come across is this tea towel by Victorian Eggs Homemade Store. Despite being quite expensive, we love the intricate detail the towel shows, with all the baking essentials, on 100% organic cotton fabric.

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.00

Our Verdict

We absolutely loved testing these products, all were amazing, and it meant we washed up all our stuff, win win! Joking aside, we really recommend the Harringdon towels, they were superior compared to the rest at great value for money.

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