• Toby

Best Handheld Vacuums to Help Reach Those Small Areas

Vacuuming is an essential to every home, room, car, office and pretty much everywhere we go. It's so important because of bacteria and dust which build up from dead skin, dirt, food and many more. Vacuuming can really be a chore, when you have to find the vacuum, plug it in, vacuum the floor, put it away, etc. The whole process is a laborious chore, but not anymore! Handheld vacuums are so perfect because they are a quick solution to dirt. They are not designed for doing a whole house clean, but more quickly sucking up some dirt, cleaning the stairs or perhaps cleaning your car?

1) Dyson V7

By far the most powerful and well built handheld vacuum on the market today. Dyson are renowned for their capabilities in suction, battery life and ease. This specific appliance doesn't let the brand down! With up to 30 minutes of sucking, and the powerful Dyson motor, this machine can clean anything. We found the attachment to be really good at lifting dirt, and if it cant, then switch to the powerful mode and suck more (at detriment to battery time though)

Buy Now Amazon: £219

Buy Now Currys: £199

2) Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This compact and cordless vacuum from Gtech certainly is a great item to have around the house. This product comes with their newest Lithium ion battery, which has a run time of 20 minutes. Despite being slightly less than the Dyson, the suction is definitely more compelling! We found the attachments amazing, especially the power brush which sucked up everything! Overall, an amazingly easy and well designed product which makes vacuuming a pleasure, weirdly!

Buy Now: £149.99


Black and Decker have created a cool piece of kit, which is traditionally designed. This product is competitively priced, however has a run time of just 15 minutes, and a longer charge time of 6 hours! This machine is great, however, didn't come with many attachments, therefore, limiting its use potential. Overall, a good product for those in this price range.

Buy Now Amazon: £69.99

4) Shark Handheld Vacuum (WV200UK)

One of Dyson's competitors, is Shark. They are a luxury brand which is typically more expensive than others, however, rightly so! Shark's are known for their power and suction, and this handheld certainly lives up to that expectation. The uniquely designed vacuum cleaner means vacuuming is ergonomic, and we loved the one-touch easy empty feature, no more messy hands! Overall, a classy and elegant product.

Buy Now Amazon: £99.99

5) Audew Handheld Vacuum

Despite not being a household brand, this Audew vacuum certainly keeps up with some competitors, and for the budget this is a bargain! This vacuum cleaner comes with a host of accessories, has a battery life of 30 minutes and is relatively quiet!