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Best Essential Kitchen Gadgets 2020

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Working in the kitchen can be a lot harder work than people can imagine, if you are looking for a way to just make cooking not so much chore but enjoyable, this is the blog for you. We have found some of the best handy little gadgets that will make your life just that much easier.

1) KenWood 3-in-1 Can Opener

An integral 'chore' in the kitchen is opening tins, sharpening knives and opening bottles. Well, this Kenwood 3-in-1 does all of those functions, effortlessly! The can opener is fully automatic, meaning you never have to twist your hands and risk cutting yourself. A great gadget, which can easily sit on your countertop.

Buy Now (Amazon): £19.99

2) Favia Handheld Rotary Slicers

Fed up of grating cheese and catching your hand, or even slicing your vegetables for that salad? Make light work of any slicing task with this handheld rotary gadget. It is a weird looking contraption but is definitely one that once you have tried you won't be able to live without.

Buy Now (Amazon): £19.99

3) Herb Cutting Scissors

Make herb cutting just that much easier and more effective with these herb cutting scissors from Plant Theatre. Turn a laborious task into a quick and easy task, these scissors really save so much time when cutting up herbs, perfect for chive, parsley and many more.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

4) Russell Hobbs Salt and Pepper Grinder

Why not outsource your manual labour efforts to Russell Hobbs, who can automatically produce your salt and pepper onto your dish. At the touch of a button, enjoy your condiments. A really elegant and time saving product.

Buy Now (Amazon): £28.01

5) Any Sharp Knife Sharpener

Nothing is worse than cutting into your freshly cooked meat dish to find it hardly cuts through. Instead, keep your knives in great condition and sharp with 'the worlds best knife sharpener'. This sharpener really is amazing, with the suction on the bottom meaning your sharpener is sturdy, preventing accidents with knives. A really good gadget to have, which literally lasts decades.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.00

6) Stainless Steel Spaghetti Measure

Fed up of over/under cooking pasta? It's so easily done too, and the worst feeling when you dish up and realise there's not enough. A simple solution is to use this measurer which will tell you the exact amount, optimising your food consumption. This specific one is stainless steel, so it can be machine washed and lasts years!

Buy Now (Amazon): £4.40

7) Ninja Professional Chopper

I definetly don't fear having to chop the onions anymore with this product. There will be no tears in sight and an added bonus is that it takes less than 5 seconds. Its rotary blade is able to chop, mince and even puree your produce with little effort. A must have.

Buy now (Amazon): £24.99

8) Electric Peeler

I am rubbish at peeling spuds, I am just too slow and find it quite boring, if you are like me you are probably wondering if there is a quicker more efficient method, well there is. We stumbled across this electric peeler that does it all. It definitely takes the stress out of dinner prep, and is actually quite fun. Not only for potatoes but also apples, carrots, pears and nearly anything u can think of.

Buy now: £20.78

9) Electric wine bottle opener

Sometimes opening a bottle of wine can be fiddly and there is always the worry that you are going to cork it. This handy little gadget will take that stress away and it will also impress your guests. It is aesthetically futuristic but is also trusted by top sommeliers.

Buy now (Amazon): £21.99

10) Measuring cups

An increasing amount of the recipes we are using online are now measured in cups. In the UK we dont generally use cup measurements, for me it was hard work trying to find conversions. This is definetly a must have in every household nowadays. We love how handy this set is, having both cup measurements and the more familiar tsp/tbsp measurements too.

Buy now (Amazon): £6.29

11) Coffee grinder

You may have felt that you need to buy an expensive coffee machine to be able to access the freshest coffee, that is not the case. By purchasing this coffee grinder you can have fresh coffee at just a click, from beans to grinds all you have to do is just add hot water.

Buy now (Amazon): £34.99

12) Whisk cleaner

As a child I bet you'd wait for your parents to finish with the whisk so you can lick the cake batter off. If that is not your thing and you are looking for a little gadget to help you clean all those tiny crevices than this is one for you.

Buy now (Amazon): £7.99

13) Avocado Slicer

Avocados are still a trend right? I think every restaurant has their own version of avocado on toast, but if you like eating them at home, this handy little device will aid you with that. OXO has curated yet another brilliant product, it is a 3-in-1 tool so splits, pits and slices avocados.

Buy now (Amazon): £7.49

14) SIlicon cup covers

We absolutely love this product. It is innovative and exciting but a must have. It creates a temporary lid on any mug and cup. It is great for taking a cup of tea upstairs in the morning, you won't worry about spilling it on the carpet and its strong bond with the cup it actually help reading heat, keeping it hotter for longer. It is such a simple gadget we are surprised more people dont know about them!

Buy now (Amazon): £6.99

15) Portable milk frother

Milk frothers can be expensive but it is not always necessary. If you are looking for a cheaper way to make frothy milk or perhaps a portable version, one you can take into work to make your coffee breaks just that much nicer, than this is the gadget you'll need. All you have left to purchase is 2 AA batteries.

Buy now (Amazon): £4.99

16) Vegetable spiralizer

Impress your family by creating beautifully shaped veggies with your handheld tool. This gadget has 4 different blade settings, which means there are endless ways to have your veg spiralled. It doesn't need any fancy electric, just a little bit of effort. You can incorporate more vegetables into your diet, and have fun in the process.

Buy now (Amazon): £8.99

17) Oil sprayer

This oil sprayer is a great way to monitor how much oil you are using in your cooking. Just dispense you oil into this handy bottle and continue to do what you usually do, we love that it has measurement markings on it.

Buy now (Amazon): £8.99

18) Reusable straws

In the recent years our attentions have been focussed towards how we can help reduce the amount of one use plastic we use daily, one thing that has changed is straws. These reusable metal straws not only help the saline but are also very classy. This set comes with a cleaning brush and a pouch so you can take them on the go with you.

Buy now (Amazon): £2.99

19) Soap dispenser

At the moment it is even more important that we look after our health, and that means washing your hands lots of times a day. We think having an automatic dispenser is not only Coll but also practical. We love this timeless stainless steel dispenser.

Buy now (Amazon): £22.99

20) Sonic scrubbers

It is definitely more fun to make mess than it is to clean up, but this handy little gadget will change that. It looks like an electric tooth brush, but it is much coarser, therefore it is able to remove all the grime from your kitchen without ur elbow grease.

Buy now (Amazon): £18.99

Our Verdict

Sometimes in the kitchen you wish you'd have an extra pair of hands. This blog includes some of the top gadgets from 2020, that said it'd feel like you had that extra set of hands all along. We hope once you have purchased them you'll feel the same.

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