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Best Quality Bin Bags Review 2020

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Bin liners, although don't initially seem it, are very important in the kitchen. Firstly, you don't want thin bin liners which split - this makes taking the trash out impossible and dirty. Secondly, you don't want bin liners which are poor quality that they rip, tear and leak odours and smells. Bins will vary across households and constituents, some use recycling, some use all black sack, some use small bins inside and some use massive wheelie bins. Don't worry though, we'll cover them all!

1) Relevo Bin Liners (20L,30L,50L,100L)

Another great product on Amazon, which supermarkets fail to pick up on. This specific bin liner comes in various sizes, and colours too which is quite rare! Given the fact that this product is made from recycled materials, they are very thick - so no concerns here with regards to splitting or tearing. Overall, an amazing product, which is good for the planet and cheap!


- Size: 20,30,50,100L

- 100% Recycled

- Price per bin: 23p

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

2) Brabantia Bin Liners

For those with circular bins, you're unfortunately stuck with Brabantia-branded bins liners. Unless you want to try and force different liners in, your best bet is to get their own bin liners. Luckily, they're very good quality and are perfect for their bins. You don't get any overhang, and they're super easy to remove given their handles. We also never came across any horrible smells leaking either. Be sure to get the right size though! However, these are not made from recycled material.


- Size: all available

- Price per bin: varied, but roughly: 33p

- Material: extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE)

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.95

3) Solimo Bin Liners with Tie-Handles

These are great bin liners from Amazon (Solimo is their own kitchen cleaning brand). Now, these liners are not a thick as others mentioned in this blog, but they do have tie handles, which makes it super easy to pick up and tie. They come in a variety of different sizes and are


- Size: 5L, 6L, 10L, 30L, 50L, 120L

- Price per bin: 69p

- Material: Tear-resistant and recycled material (HDPE)

Buy Now (Amazon): £14.50

4) Evaness 100% Degradable (50/60L)

These bins are pretty compelling given their price and their degradable nature (note, not biodegradable, but degradable - there is a difference). These bins are strong, however a little thin. They fit our bin perfect (we tried both circular and square) and the drawstring is pretty strong too.


- Size: 50/60L

- Dimensions: 22cm by 14cm by 7cm

- Price per bin: 20p

- Material: Plastic

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

5) Bin it! (70L)

Bin it! are one of our favourites at the moment in terms of bin liners, they specialise in fully recycled and strong bin liners, which really are durable. They are so thick that it is unlikely you'll split these, and odours do not leak. These one have drawstring too, making them the perfect purchase for 70l bins.


- Size: 70L

- Dimensions: 725mm by 850cm

- Price per Low-Density Polyethylene

- 100% Recycled Tear Resistant LDPE Film

- Material: Low Density Polyethylene

- Thickness: 30 μm

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

6) Bin it! (120L)

These bin liners are ridiculously strong and thick, perfect for any wheelie bin! This product is exactly what it says it is, 'Ultra Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks. We did a fair test on this and put as much in as possible, and this did not rip, tear or struggle at all. This is a fantastic product for 120L wheelie bins, and its made from recycled waste, so you're protecting the environment!


- Size: 120L

- Dimensions: 800mm by 1000cm

- Price per bin: 69p

- 100% Recycled Tear Resistant LDPE Film

- Material: Low Density Polyethylene

- Thickness: 60 μm

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.99

Bonus Product

If you do find your bin smelling at all, one simple solution we found is using this amazing spray product. Bin Buddy Spray is so simple to use, simply spray on the inside of the bin and inside the bin bag, and enjoy a beautifully smelling bin. This particular product is Frangipani Fragrance but you can also opt for citrus lemon if you'd prefer.

Buy Now (Amazon): £4.98

Our Verdict

In conclusion, its hard to pinpoint the 'best' bin liner, that's because they all have their different perks, sizes and drawbacks. Size aside, our favourite is Bin it! Their quality is unparalleled, however, they don't do all sizes. Failing that, then the Relevo bin liners are our favourite. They have a perfect balance of quality, eco and price.

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