• Toby

The Best 7 Cappuccino Cups for the Kitchen

Yesterday was officially National Cappuccino Day, and it inspired us to make a guide to the best cappuccino cups for the home. This post has been made more pertinent given the recent lockdown 2.0, meaning people are working from home and not visiting highstreets. This means coffee consumption has shifted, and now consumers enjoy coffee at home.

Cappuccinos are espresso shots topped with steamed milk. They are one of the most popular coffee drinks available, probably because the creamy milk dilutes the strong espresso flavour. This blog will showcase some of our favourite cappuccino cups, and why. Note, a typical cappuccino is 150-180ml, so bear that in mind when looking at the ones we review!

1) Argon Tableware 12 piece Cappuccino Cups

To start this review, we present our favourite collection of cappuccino cups from Argon Tableware. These cups are 250ml, so can house a very large cappuccino. They are made from a porcelain material and are very ergonomic to hold. Upon ordering, you can make a selection (ranging from one colours to a variety).

We particularly loved how high quality these mugs were. We didn't notice any chipping or fading after the dishwasher, and we loved the fact that they came with a matching saucer. One thing we particularly noticed is that the shape perfectly complements the cappuccino drink, with the tapered bottom and wide top.


- Material: Porcelain

- Size: 250ml

- Price per Cup: £3.66

- Dishwasher: Yes

Buy Now (Amazon): £21.99

2) Judge Double Walled Cappuccino Cups

Judge make great coffee cups, with their unique rounded double-walled glass style. They made it into our espresso cup post, and for every reason. Their cappuccino cups are similar, but instead 225ml. This cup is made from strong borosilicate glass, meaning high temperatures are not an issue. Your cappuccino is also kept hot because of the double-walled insulation.

We really love how thick and high quality this glass actually is, trust us when we say this too. It's easy to buy cheaper products online or in store, but sometimes it's worth paying a little extra and getting that amazing quality. This product is a prime example of that premise.


- Material: Borosilicate Glass

- Size: 225ml

- Price per Cup: £7.00

- Dishwasher: Yes

Buy Now (Amazon): £13.99

3) Royal Doulton Cappuccino Cup

A famous brand in the UK for its ceramic products, which dates back to 1815. As a result, they know how to make superb products, and no except this cappuccino cup is. Firstly, the two-tone colours of this cappuccino mug are beautiful, which really complements a cappuccino as they have espresso at the bottom and steamed milk at the top. Secondly, this product has a lovely saucer to match, which is all dishwasher safe. Thirdly, the cup is a very large 275ml, meaning you can really enjoy a large cappuccino.

Overall, our favourite luxury cappuccino cup.