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Gas vs Charcoal vs Portable BBQ's for Summer 2020

BBQ season has officially hit the UK, with temperatures reaching high twenties and lockdown easing. For consumers, this means we can cook al fresco again, host for our friends, and enjoy sunshine eating. Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to barbecues, whether it be gas, charcoal or portable grills, they all have pros and cons. We will, therefore, discuss these for you and provide our expert opinions.


Gas BBQs are, typically, more expensive, but far better. They run on propane, which means instant flames and a hotter cooking temperature. However, it does mean more maintenance (ie refilling the gas canister) and they tend to be bigger so may not fit in all gardens.

1) Char-Broil Performance T47G

If you're an avid 'barbecuer' or frequently host, then this is the biggest and best gas powered BBQ. At 500 pounds, this unit has 4 burners, a side warmer, a warming rack and even side-shelves. There really isn't anything else you could need in a BBQ. We found the product to be really smart too, with a lovely stainless steel finish, which polishes up really well. This product even boasts a TRU-Infrared technology to help cook food evenly.

Buy Now: £499.99

2) Cosmo Grill 4+1 Series

If you want something a little cheaper than the previous, but still capable ,then Cosmo Grill make a fantastic competitor. Like before, this BBQ benefits from 4 burners and 1 side burner. We found the BBQ to retain heat really well with its double walled hood and easier to move around given the wheels. We thought the black looked really stylish in real life too.

Buy Now: £259.99

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are far cheaper, are much lighter and smaller, and allow the food to be 'smoky' However, they can take ages to light (and if its windy this is even more difficult). They can also be messy if ash gets everywhere.

1) Superworth Trolley Charcoal Grill

This is the most basic charcoal grill available, and for the money, is an absolute bargain. This grill is designed for outdoors, with the wheels making the grill easily manoeuvrable. The overall frame is a little bit flimsy, however, does the job! If well-looked after, this is perfect for small houses or couples.

Buy Now: £45.99

2) Weber Smokey Joe Premium

If you aren't a frequent cooker, but do occasionally enjoy a nice BBQ outside, then this traditional charcoal bbq from Weber is fantastic. The product is big enough to cook for a family of 4, but small enough that it can easily be stored. Weber offer different colour variants and rust-resistant materials.

Buy Now: £74.99

3) CosmoGril XXL Charcoal Smoker BBQ

If you're really into your meat, and want that smoky flavour, then look no further. This cosmo grill is the best on the market. Despite taking about an hour to assemble, we found this BBQ well manufactured and designed. The quality of materials is amazing, with the benefit of side handles and trays for food or utensils.

Buy Now: £304.99

Portable BBQ

Portable BBQs are usually charcoal grills, which can either be instant light ones or coal lit. They offer the benefits of portability whilst giving that outdoor cooking experience, however, wouldn't really be used at home.

1) Disposable Instant BBQ

Instant disposable BBQ's are perfect for quick and easy cooking. These simply yet effectively designed products allow for the easiest outdoor cooking experience. Simply light the corners of the tray and enjoy 100 minutes of heat. Perfect for picnics, camping or days out.

Buy Now: 2 for £14.99

2) Uttora BBQ Folding Grill

If you prefer a fixed structure for cooking, or are regular outdoor cookers, then this foldable grill from Uttora is perfect. This product is super lightweight, and easy to use. The grill doesn't need to be built everytime, due to the folding mechanism. The grills even fit perfectly in the dishwasher

Buy Now: £21.99

Our Verdict

Overall, we would suggest opting for a gas BBQ if you want the best tasting and easiest cooking experience. The benefits of a gas BBQ are unparalleled, however, they are expensive. Personally, i think they're worth every penny but if you don't, then definitely opt for charcoal. All of the products we mentioned today are fantastic, and definitely will fulfil your needs.

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