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Best Baking Gifts for Christmas 2020

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Buying for a baker? Over lockdown many of us have turned a hand to baking, so why not treat someone to some baking gifts to help prepare for another lockdown or facilitate their weekend cooking! This blog will discover some of the top baking gifts out there that you can gift to loved ones this year.

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1) Baking Conversions Glass Board

When you are following loads of different recipes to make you masterpiece it can be interrupted by trying to work out conversions. This board not only is a remarkably helpful resource but also doubles up as a chopping board. It is made from toughened glass so it is suitable for cutting up ingredients and rolling out dough, it is also very easy to clean.

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

2) Baking Apron

Male or female, wearing an apron in the kitchen should not be sexualised and we would like to encourage it. It'll help protect your Sundays best, and as they have pockets it can actually help improve your baking game. Easy to clean, it is machine washable. This is the perfect present for any family or friend, the apron comes in a novelty bag so you can gift it right away.

Buy Now (Amazon): £13.99

3) Personalised wooden spoon

Want to add a personal touch to your gifts this year? This personalised wooden spoon is a very thoughtful gift for anyone that loves being in the kitchen. Simply add the name of the individual to the head of the spoon and write whatever you'd like on the handle. You can really add a smile onto someone face with the word you write.

Buy Now (Amazon): £11.95

4) Home bake bucket list

If you think you have baked them all or you just need a little challenge in the kitchen than this is a fabulous gift for you. Its simple scratch-off mechanism makes it ideal for any age. Its fun and innovative which makes this a cool little stocking filler for any of your family and friends.

Buy Now (Amazon): £11.95

5) Cake Decoration Set

This 102 piece set would be a great gift for any avid baker. It has everything you need and more to get started with decorating your favourite bakes. It is made from top quality materials so it is durable and long lasting. With so much cooking over the festive and new year period, this compact gift could completely change someone's cooking game.

Buy Now (Amazon): £11.95

6) Cake tins

We love baking with silicone moulds, they are brilliant at keeping your bakes from sticking, meaning they are also much easier to get the goods out. This set comes in a variety of sizes, they can be used for any creation including jellies which is unlike its metal competitors.

Buy now (Amazon): £13.95

7) Cake in a mug

It is known that students do not have time nor the funds to experiment with baking whilst they are at uni, this handy little mug would be the perfect gift for a student that loves baking. It would also suit those who live alone and crave a sweet treat without having to bake up a batch of cupcakes every time. Its has a sweet playful design and helpful measurement tips on the inside are just an added bonus. Gift this mug and enjoy cake just 3 minutes later.

Buy now (Amazon): £9.99

8) Tasty Dessert Cookbook

If you have Facebook I am nearly 100% sure that you would have come across some of the cooking videos produced by Tasty. They have now compiled all of their best recipes and ideas into one handy little cookbook. We absolutely love how it is easy to follow, but what we love more is the delicious creations we make from the inspiration in this book.

Buy now (Amazon): £11.35

9) Display Table

Once you have finished with your bakes you will want to show them off and present the best ones to you friends and family, why not serve them up in the most professional way possible. This rustic slate serving board is definitely a winner in our books, it would make an amazing gift to anyone that is looking to up their game when it comes down to creating amazing sweet treats.

Buy now (Amazon): £20.99

10) Bake container

If you are like us, when we are in the mood to bake I won't just cook one small cake, I will bake enough for a small village. This is why you need to get you hands on dome top quality Tupperware. We really love its shape because it means we can easily transfer you creation, whether that be a Victoria sponge, apple pie or even a cheesecake, easily into the container without hassle. It manages to keep our cake moist and our creations from going stale for the next couple of days.

Buy now (Amazon) : £14.86

11) Stand Mixer

If you are really looking to wow someone this Christmas with a gift that is going to revolutionaries their kitchen, then we could not emphasise enough how good the Kenwood stand mixer is. You can use it to whip up cream, create your favourite batter and even knead dough. It is such a well orchestrated machine that oozes pure class.

Buy now (Amazon) : £389.00

12) Cooling rack

Having a cooling rack on standby for the rare times that you think you may bake could seem a little bit ridiculous. But have you have you experienced the stress of trying to cool down your fresh bakes without one. They are cheap and simple but a necessity for an avid baker.

Buy now (Amazon): £3.99

13) Personalised Rolling Pin

If you are thinking ahead to Christmas or even birthdays and want to add a little bit of thought to your present this year, we recommend getting something that is personalised. It shows you put a little bit more effort into the gift, and lucky for you many places do not take too long to personalise stuff. Write what you want on this rolling pin and bring a smile to their faces.

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.98

14) Rotating Cake stand

Once you have baked you cakes, it is time to get your artist on and try to make it as beautiful as it is tasty. As dating as it may seem anyone can do it, just make sure that you have more frosting than you thought you'd need. Another must is a rotating cake stand, it makes you life so much easier and adds a professional touch, your cake icing will be so much smoother if you use a rotating cake stand.

Buy now (Amazon): £10.49

Our Verdict

It has been a long year and I guess the catch phrase you can't have your cake and eat it too sums up the events, but what we take from that is we can eat cake, and as we get closer to Christmas we are going to eat even more. Hopefully some of the above products will help keep everyone happy and full to the brim in the coming months.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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