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Best 5 radiators (2020)

With winter proving that is definetly here in the UK, maybe you are looking for an additional heater to keep you warm without rocketing your electricity bill. There are many different options when looking for a heater that ticks all the necessary boxes. We have chosen our top 5, they vary in size, functionality and power, we hope you can find one that suits you.

1) PureMate oil-filled Electric Heater

This electric heater is an impressive 2500W, with its 11 oil filled dins it guarantees to warm up your room in no time at all. The best thing about this heater is that it has an integrated timer, allowing you to control when and for how long the heater is on when you aren't around or perhaps sleeping. It has 3 heat settings also helping with making you as comfortable as possible. This radiator is 11kg so it is quite heavy, however with it being on wheels we find its weight hardly a problem.

Buy now (Amazon): £89.99

2) Donyer Convection Radiator

This heater is only 2000W but that doesn't mean that it is less effective. This radiator works in a completely different way, it is a convection heater so warms the air and pumps it out of the open fins at the top. It has 3 heat settings with variable output control, the basic version doesn't have a time but Donyer has created a vision with an integrated timer at just a little more money. At just 2.52kg this heater can easily be transferred room to room.

Buy now (Amazon): £35.99

3) Probreeze Fan Heater

This mini ceramic fan heater would sit perfectly in a smaller room or apartment, at just under 2kg it is easily portable and idealic for any household. Surprisingly small but still so powerful, this heater is a remarkable 2000w, with two power settings and an adjustable thermostat it is super easy to use. One feature we admire is that is has a 60 degree oscillation, so it evenly heats up the room at a much quicker rate.

Buy now (Amazon): £42.99

4) Duronic Micathermic Heater

This heater is a mixture of both the puremate and the donor, it uses both radiation and convection to heat up your given space. At 2500W this appliance has not compromised on power, it promotes that it heats up in just under a min. We love that this heater comes with a remote, no more having to get out of bed or off the sofa to turn the heating on just like your TV, all you have to do is click the button and find the best channel.

Buy now (Amazon): £84.99

5) IKeeGan Electric heater

This small compact heater is ideal for on top of a table or desk and is suitable not only for winter but summer too. Unlike any of the other heaters mentioned, this one is fantastic for all year round. In the cooler winter months it can be used as a fan heater, similar to the Probreeze heater, yet in the summer months it provide cool air circulation like many other fans. It is 1000w and has 3 heat modes, that boast about only taking 2 seconds to feel. Another bonus is that this machine also has 65 degree oscillations for even heating or cooling.

Buy now (Amazon): £41.99

Our Verdict

As you can now see, there are many different heaters all of which have slightly different perks, we hope that at least one of them will keep you warm this winter. Our personally favourite is the Donyer convection heater as you can really feel the benefits as soon as you click it on. We also love how compact and ideal the IkeeGan heater is for all those still working remotely.

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