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Amazon Prime Worth it? What's included?

Pretty much all consumers in the UK and US use Amazon to buy goods, and for good reason. Their website has everything you could ever need, makes online shopping effortless and has fantastic pricing. More often than not, products are cheaper than highstreet retailers, and often delivered faster. We are huge fans of Amazon Prime, and definitely think everyone should have it, or at least try it! It makes ordering kitchen products, appliances, even food so much easier. This review is going to explore whats included, the costings, and is it worth it?

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Whats included in Amazon Prime?

1) Unlimited One-Day Delivery

This is the main advantage and selling point for consumers since it means most of your products will be delivered, for free, the next day. If you're lucky enough to live in certain areas (eg London) it can even be the same day. This is a huge advantage if you're like me and cant wait for your deliveries to come!

2) Prime Video

Not many consumers know this, but buying an Amazon Prime membership actually gives you access to Prime Video, which is one of the biggest on demand streaming platforms in the world. Their platform has thousands of shows and films, you'll never get bored! Promise.

3) Amazon Music

Again, nor everyone knows this but Amazon prime gives you access to Prime music, well, a limited version anyway. This allows you to download songs, listen ad free or ask Alexa to play any playlist you desire.

4) Twitch Prime

If you're into your gaming and streaming (perhaps your kids) then this is another cool advantage. Having a prime membership gives you a Twitch Prime subscription for free, making streaming even more addictive!

5) Early Access to Deals

Prime users get early access to deals before the rest of Amazon, this means savvy consumers like us can jump on bargains before they run out! Dont forget, Amazon Prime Day Deals!!

6) Free Amazon Fresh Delivery

If you're fortunate enough to live in the selected postcodes and regions, then you can have free delivery on Amazon fresh products (as long as your basket is over £40)! Quite a cool bonus.

7) Amazon Family (up to 20% off nappies, baby food etc)

If you're a new family, then Amazon Family allows you to get 20% off nappies, baby food, etc! Quite a generous perk if you ask me!

8) Prime Reading

If you're into your reading then you can enjoy access to Prime Reading, which means unlimited access to thousands of eBooks, magazines, comics etc.

9) Prime Photos

Lastly, Prime users can enjoy unlimited photo storage, meaning you can finally free up your devices and save your photos to their secure servers. You can then access them anywhere in the world! Why not use Prime photos as a back up? It's included!

How much does Prime cost?

So, you've heard ALL the perks and now you want to see how much it's going to set you back. Well, in short, not a lot!

For a standard subscription, the costs is £79 per year, or £7.99 per month.

If you're a student, then the cost is £39 per year, or £3.99 per month.

Now, another advantage is that your Prime account can be shared amongst your household (one adult and one child) meaning it's cheaper than you think.

Is it worth it?

Sometimes a question can be answered with another question.

How much do you spend on delivery each year?

If you're an avid internet buyer, then Prime is 100% worth it, since the cost of prime is cheaper than the cost of delivery on every product.

If you're a regular shopper, whereby you utilise both online and retail, then we still think its worth it. Any delivery you get will be next day, and you can get access to all these amazing perks!

If you hate online shopping and anything digital, then, sadly, Prime isn't for you at all!

Why not try it?

Lastly, we always believe in try before you buy, and Amazon does exactly that.

You can trial Amazon Prime for 30days, at no cost! To do that, simply click here or on the picture below.


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