• Toby

AirWick: The Best Way to Keep your Kitchen Smelling Beautiful?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Kitchen cooking smells can be a big issue in some houses, especially those that are open plan and don't have an extractor fan. Even worse, if you live in a flat with limited air flow, smells can linger for hours! Likewise, bedrooms bathrooms and any other room can sometimes smell if they don't receive regular cleaning and attention! This blog post will review whether AirWick is the best method to have your home smelling beautiful.

Generally speaking,nthere are 6 different types of Airwick products that will make your home smelling beautiful: 1) Plug-Ins 2) Essential Mist 3) Automatic Sprays 4) Reed Diffusers 5) Aerosols and 6) Candles. We will, of course, explore each one inturn.

(Image Credit: Amazon - Airwick)

1) Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are probably what most people think of when someone says AirWick. They are essentially a small plug which clicks into your power outlet. On the plug you have a power setting of 1 to 5, which controls how powerful / frequent the smell is released. Essential oil refills are then inserted to the plug.

One of the best perks about plug-ins is that they are universal, so any refill fragrance will fit, whether it's from the AirWick range or the Botanica range. The other advantage to plug-ins is that they provide a consistent long lasting solution to fragrance, with most of them lasting months! These are probably your cheapest option! On the market now there are so many different fragrances. Our ultimate favourite fragrance is the "Island Rose & African Geranium" from the Botanica range.

2) Essential Mist

A similar concept, but instead of being a small plug in, it's a medium sized essential oil mist diffuser. The machine uses clever "piezo technology" which basically means it vibrates and radiates out fragrance. Unlike other 'cheap' essential oil diffusers, this does not use water, and is therefore a strong version of the essential oil. These machines are definitely stronger, but don't last as long (perhaps a month maximum).

Our favourite refill fragrance is Peony and Jasmine. The notes are a calming but sweet smell which radiates a relaxing aroma in our kitchen! We found these mists to be stronger than plug-ins too.

3) Automatic Sprays