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10 Step Guide to Cleaning Your BBQ

The UK's summer is officially here and that means BBQ season has arrived. Now that the UK's lockdown is easing and temperatures are rising, there is no better time to clean your BBQ and prepare it for amazing food. BBQ's can sometimes be tough to clean with stubborn greasy areas, however this 10 step guide should help you to make your BBQ look new again. Note, you don't have to do all of these steps, and a selection of a few would be more than enough. Once all clean, check out our top 15 BBQ accessories here!

1) Dishwasher

For the interior parts (such as the grills) we would suggest placing these in the dishwasher. This will depend on your dishwasher size and your grills, but usually most grills can fit inside the dishwasher. This method provides the easiest and quickest method to cleaning. We would suggest brushing off any clumps of dirt first to prevent clogging your dishwasher, and using a strong dishwasher tablet such as Finish Powerball All in 1.

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2) Hot Water Scrub

Another method is using a simple hot water scrub with an all purpose cleaner. Stiff bristled brushes provide an easy and effective cleaning method for BBQs as they remove any burnt on food and left over grease. This 18" brush is universal and will work on any grill and can be used in the dishwasher afterwards too!

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3) BBQ Cleaner

If hot water isn't enough for those stubborn areas, then try HG's grill cleaner. This product is really strong and will remove any caked-on grease. Simply spray onto the dirty areas, leave for 5 minutes and wipe off. We found that this product works better when the grill is warm. You can even use this product with the scrub to make an extremely strong couple.

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4) Baking Soda

Baking soda is traditionally used for baking, however, its secret power is cleaning. This ingredient is capable of dissolving substances and therefore can work brilliantly on BBQs by removing grease or food. Simply sprinkle baking soda across the grills, allow to rest for 20 minutes, then use warm water and a scrub to rinse off any dirt.

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5) Crank up the Heat

If you use a gas BBQ, a clever and easy technique is using the power of propane to clean your BBQ. Simply close the BBQ lid and turn the BBQ on full. Leave for about 30 minutes and in doing so, any left over dirt or cleaning products will be burnt off, preventing horrible tasting food. A very simple method, however, won't remove stubborn grime.

6) Pressure Washer

The power of water can also be used with BBQs. Pressure washers are useful for so many things, whether it be car cleaning or patio cleaning. However, many don't know that pressure washer can be used on BBQs. This super effective method requires no elbow grease and is relatively quick and easy to do. However, ensure that you remove the propane tank and any electrical components. You should also ensure the BBQ is dried properly to prevent rusting. This Bosch EasyQauatak pressure washer is more than powerful enough, whilst being light and mobile.

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7) Steam Clean

Continuing with the theme of water, steam can also be used. A cheap and easy method can be placing a soaked newspaper onto the hot grills of a BBQ and shutting the lid. This will heat up the water and create steam and clean your BBQ. However, for a more effective steam cleaner (perhaps after a harsh winter) we suggest using a professional steam cleaner. Our favourite is Dupray's NEAT steam cleaner, which has perfect attachments for BBQs (and the whole house!). They even show you how effective steam cleaning is on BBQ's below.

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8) Wipes

When tackling the exterior of the BBQ, an often overlooked approach is using professional multi-purpose wipes. Cif has created a very powerful cleaning wipe, which we used on our BBQ exterior. Wipes are super easy to use and can remove most outside grime and dirt.

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9) Stainless Steel Cleaner

After cleaning down the exterior and removing any dirt, it can be beneficial to use a stainless steel cleaner to polish up the metal whilst adding a protective layer. We use Method's stainless steel surface cleaner with a microfibre towel. Their abrasive formula cleans and polished metal whilst leaving a beautiful scent. We found future cleaning after using this product even easier too!

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10) Waterproof BBQ Cover

After putting in all that effort to clean up your BBQ, it's super important to protect it from the elements. Rain can easily rust up metal parts, animals may climb over your BBQ and things may fall onto them. We'd recommend a basic cover to go on top, such as this heavy duty waterproof cover by QMQ. Be sure to check the dimensions of your BBQ first though!

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